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About RampRate: Overview

Matchmaker for IT Services

An Intro from the RampRate Founders

Most of you don’t know this, but RampRate started as a way to foot the bills for Work Revolution – a tech firm that removed friction from companies and teams through the use of personality assessments and software. That passion for removing friction remains in RampRate 2014 and in my own vision.

RampRate is a tech-enabled consultancy that builds optimized win-win partnerships between buyers and sellers of IT infrastructure services and reduces cost, time, and risk for both sides.

  • Our domain is IT : hosting, networks, telecom, content delivery, cloud, support
  • Our core toolset for buyers comprises solution architecture, sourcing, and negotiations, which measure net effective cost of compute per hosting/delivery model
  • Our core toolset for sellers comprises matchmaking with buyers, positioning, and service design, which measures friction reduction and energy release.
  • Typical results of a project average a 24% reduction in cost; 80% reduction in time to transact; a 99% reduction in risk of a failed relationship; and customer satisfaction
  • Our differentiators include 12 years of price, capacity, and service quality data; proprietary software toolsets; proven sourcing processes; 100+ buyer and 400+ supplier relationships which give access to wholesale channels; and a top-notch team with buy- and sell-side experience
  • We are well paid with flat project fees & contingency fees from buyers, and referral fees from sellers
  • We are a private, self-funded company with no debt and continuous profitability for 12 years
  • Our global presence is in Santa Monica (HQ), New York, Boston, Vancouver, and Jaipur India
  • Our thought leadership and social responsibility efforts include participation in organizations such as Clinton Global Initiative and the Green Grid, our partnerships which include CSRHub, Data Center Dynamics, and Telegeography, and our work towards developing a uniform, business-driven unit of compute services in conjunction with industry leaders such as eBay.

If you are in IT, procurement, or finance: Each of our engagements starts off with a no-charge preliminary assessment. If your current or projected spend on IT infrastructure is in excess of $1M per year, contact us today to see how we can help you cut costs, buy faster and smarter, and get peace of mind.

If you are marketing IT services: Join our partner program to get more qualified leads and reduce your cost of selling, all while receiving valuable feedback on every transaction and more visibility in the market.

If you are a talented buy-side or sell-side IT infrastructure professional or consultant: We’re hiring

IT Infrastructure Markets Covered

RampRate’s  professional services teams have expertise in the following domains:

  • All flavors of hosting,  from wholesale data centers to managed hosting and cloud
  • Public and private cloud computing and storage in IaaS and PaaS delivery models
  • Data networking, both IP transit / data transport services such as PLC, MPLS, SIP
  • Content delivery network services, including core delivery and value added services
  • Telecommunications, including switched and packet-based landline and mobile
  • Server and desktop support services, including remote infrastructure mgmt.(RIM)
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