Data Center Industry

Over the last 2 years, on like-for-like data center deals with the same provider and renewals without growth, we’ve frequently seen price cuts of 8%-25% depending on location and buyer leverage.  Zahl Limbuwala, recently stirred the pot in his Open Letter to Data Center Investors. To sum it up very briefly, he sees deep structural … Continued

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Fit Like a Good Shoe

Re-posted from the Year 2000 “Money is the opposite of the weather. Nobody talks about it, but everybody does something about it.” – Rebecca Johnson In 1996, I recognized a problem in the way IT services were bought and sold. The sales process wasn’t set up to solve a customer’s problems. Instead, it was set … Continued

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HyperSourcing Toolsets

You’ve armed yourself with the latest IT “power tools” –  ITSM, e.g., ServiceNow, ITBM, e.g., Apptio – and are starting to get real traction.  Better business user satisfaction, better cost transparency. All good. So what’s the next act? How can you harness these great tools to ring the cash register in 2016 and accelerate funding of your innovation agenda?  … Continued

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It isn’t news to say that purchasing outsourced IT services can be complex. Oftentimes, enterprises can get tied up in knots while trying to create context and understanding around the many different approaches, platforms and suppliers that are available to them. However, it’s also important to realize that much of that complexity is birthed within … Continued

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IT infrastructure sourcing

YOUR IT SOURCING ADVISORY DOESN’T MEAN TO BE WASTING YOUR MONEY Big data is, er, big. I mean, the term itself seems to elbow its way into every conversation about every type of decision-making process. And this is a good thing. But let’s be real about something. The quality of the decisions you make won’t … Continued

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Migrating Applications to the Cloud

You want to migrate legacy applications to the cloud, right? To meet the needs of your enterprise, it’s become an imperative. It might sound simple, but you’ve discovered it’s not.  Let’s take a look at the keys you need to consider before you pull the trigger. If only application migration was as simple as application … Continued

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Digital Service Efficiency

Though it’s well understood you can’t manage what you don’t measure, the vast majority of enterprises don’t track the energy efficiency of their IT operations. Firms spend tens of millions of dollars on data centers and energy usage, but seldom explore meaningful ways to manage this energy spend. It gets shrugged off as “the cost … Continued

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Managing IT Infrastructure

In the IT department of a large enterprise, change is a constant. Across the entire infrastructure spectrum, constant changes in hosting, networks, telecom, content delivery and support services give your enterprise an opportunity to seize competitive advantages. However, keeping pace can be arduous. You can’t be trapped in no-bid, 10-year, full-IT outsource contracts with evergreen … Continued

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IT Capacity

Typically, the IT services buyer forecasts usage utilizing a number of factors at his/her disposal:

  • Prior contracted capacitythat is, what was signed up for in the past.
  • Forecasted business objectives, along with the inherited success criteria for objective completion, that will dictate IT demandwhat will IT infrastructure needs look like over the upcoming quarters relative to in-budget and market-responsive projects. 
  • Risk tolerances by business line that dictate Service Levels which are acceptable in fulfillment of those aforementioned objectives.

Modern IT organizations use next-generation analytics to perform scenario-based forecasts that help measure and calibrate waste based on varied capacity levels. Read on to learn more.


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