Peter Gross Has Joined RampRate’s BOA to Continue Innovative Sourcing Index and Transparency in Sourcing IT

Peter Gross joins company board of advisors to help address environmental and social responsibility challenges in enterprise data centers and outsourced co-location

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – April 24, 2012.  RampRate (, the premier sourcing advisor for selecting locations and vendors in IT infrastructure and cloud computing, today announced that data center innovator Peter Gross has agreed to become an advisor to the company.  By joining RampRate’s advisory board, he will play a key role in guiding RampRate’s 125+ top enterprise clients as they manage the challenges of energy consumption and social / environmental impact in their data centers.

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Business At The Speed Of Light – What is a Millisecond Worth?

In the low-latency world of high-frequency trading, some will lose, no matter how smart their systems and people. Can you catch up? Or should we slow them down?

Speed thrills, especially near the speed of light. For Wall Street traders, speed creates new fortunes on the world’s fastest networks, for makers and users both.

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The 2011 Cynic Measures His Predictions

by Tony Greenberg


A friend of mine in the research industry used to give out little post-it-notes to trainee analysts that said “be wrong boldly.” Her reasoning – if you are bold and right, you will be hailed as a prophet. If you’re wrong, most likely the crowd will have moved on by the time your prediction fizzles. But accountability for our past advice is a core value here at RampRate, so we have to see how we did on our 2011 predictions – and see just how well our crystal ball was working. By our count, we have 4 hits, 2 partial hits, 1 miss, and 3 TBDs that won’t be known until later. What do you think?

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2011 Through The Eyes of A Sourcing Advisor

2011 was a very busy year for us at RampRate. I’ve spent nearly 20 years, on many sides, of the technology business and I enjoy reflecting across large swaths of time to see if there are patterns, lessons, and advice, so let’s see what we get from 2011.

Cloud Computing Won’t Whisk Us Away to Oz

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