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How Do You Know What to Pay for CDN and Streaming Services?

RampRate’s deep expertise in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) and media technology has contributed to the success of industry leaders in publishing, gaming and entertainment for over 10 years. The founders of the firm have worked to disrupt this marketplace since its inception. RampRate not only works with end users but has consulted to more than a dozen CDN providers over the last few years. We know their costs and more important, what clients are best fit. How can you properly pick from literally dozens of firms that seem to come and go with wind. Click here for the list.

The way we see it, signed contracts are fluid negotiable and changeable. As the switching costs from CDN provider to cloud utility, and from internal to distributed platforms are LOW, CDN’s are meant to optimize delivery, scale up and down, and be the most mature outsource delivery platform for media and whole site delivery. We can compare and your current contract or future needs with market norms for service level agreements, terms, and prices. The dashboard and risk samples provided to you with our confidential no-cost CDN pricing benchmark arm you with the knowledge you need to manage your costs, risks, and performance.

Simply, we chunk down 3 months of bills, your master services agreement and will then propose a strategy for cost reduction and agility. Its free to start, so request a consultation here and download a free brochure by clicking here PDF.

Let us show you how to optimize:


  • Caching
  • Whole Site Delivery
  • Edge & Distributed


  • Digital Rights Management
  • Hashing Methods


  • On Demand/Live Encoding
  • Streaming Apps
  • Slides, Q & A


  • Software, Patches, Updates
  • Video,Music, Games
  • CD & DVD Images


  • Software, Patches, Updates
  • Video,Music, Games
  • CD & DVD Images


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