The SPY INDEX fuels the tank and our platform drives your optimization.

SPY Index™

Hypersource.IT - Decision Execution Platform

1600+ Transactions
1,000s of RFPs
2.1 Mill Unit Costs
1,194 Suppliers
119 Countries
400+ Metros
3,750 Sites

Hypersource.IT! is a proprietary platform expressly designed to support the IT sourcing decision-making process.

Risk disappears

More than 99% of the deals we facilitate for you make it to contract.

Ramp-up timelines are drastically cut

Weeks or even months are cut from your management and legal approval processes.

Costs are slashed too

New procurement, mid-contract negotiations and renewal savings average 23.8% over baseline data.





The SPY INDEX™ easily and quickly matches buyer needs with IT service providers in a vendor-neutral analysis.


This massive database cross references your highly configurable buying criteria against the world’s most accurate and comprehensive database of IT vendor and market information.

It helps buyers by taking the guesswork out of vendor selection and contract negotiations. It helps sellers by making certain that they will see only those buyers whose requirements actual capabilities.

The output of the SPY INDEX™ is a real, actionable market price for a given set of services and a rating of how well a vendor’s service matches your requirements.

The SPY INDEX™ compares millions of data points encompassing everything from price/service level to financial stability to cultural compatibility to environmental considerations.

Our matching system is built on more than 10 years of industry experience that has unlocked billions in savings and revenue opportunities for both clients and service providers worldwide. The SPY INDEX™ provides near real-time intelligence on more than 350 vendors, in 80 countries and 200 metro regions, for 20 different IT service types.

SPY INDEX Position

SPY INDEX Do you know how your customers view your offerings and brand in each of the service categories you are selling? Are you going after the right set of buyers for your value proposition?

Let us show you what buyers are most likely to find your offer compelling in: co-location / data center, network services, managed hosting, remote infrastructure management (RIM), virtualization / cloud, desktop support, and other IT services.

How do we know the market?  Our SPY INDEX provides near real-time intelligence on more than 350 suppliers, in 80 countries and 200 metro regions, for 20 different IT service types.

For more than a decade, we’ve been counseling IT buyers on their supplier selection process. Now, we are helping the suppliers use this same, powerful data to reposition and compete effectively.

The full positioning service is composed of 4 parts:


  • spypositionCompetitive SWOT – what services are strengths and weaknesses for you and selected competitors?
  • Detailed Competitive Profile – what service attributes are your competitors marketing publicly?
  • Offer Scoring – how do you score against market low, high, and standard in 8 performance categories
  • Buyer Profile – identify top 5 attributes of an ideal buyer for each offer

After completing this 4-6 week positioning audit, you will be able to focus your sales initiatives on the products and target buyers that offer you the best chance of winning, while fine-tuning or cutting the less-competitive offers in your portfolio.

Order today and start seeing the complete picture of your market. The SPY INDEX Positioning product is a fully customizable offering, allowing you to select the number and specific competitors you wish to profile.


Do you need to understand where you fit in a current opportunity? Or are you aware that you’re behind, but cannot get past a client’s prejudice or get your message out with an entrenched supplier blocking the path? How can you get a deal through client analysis paralysis and to close?

RampRate can evaluate and arbitrate the client’s sourcing process objectively to ensure that you know where you stand and get your value across to the client before you lose the deal.

The SPY INDEX Score product helps you in two ways:


  • scorecardUnderstand your position — RampRate provides thorough, constructive feedback to all participants on exactly the areas that they need to improve to fit the client’s preferences
  • Improve your position — RampRate’s objective scorecard methodology takes away FUD and biases from the decision making process, ensuring that if you put the best offer out there, you will have a fair shot at the deal

We can’t guarantee you’ll win, but we can give you a fair shot and warn you before you lose.


Are you leaving money on the table in your price negotiations? What about losing a deal because you really thought your prospect was bluffing in a negotiation? Would it help you know to know what prices are being quoted by all your competitors in real deals today, including premiums customers pay for strategic or high performance offerings?

Get market pricing across on all data center services with RampRate’s SPY INDEX Pricer.

RampRate gives you access to pricing for data center, network, and IT support / infrastructure management in more than 100 top metros worldwide, with two options:

  • spypricerPricer Basic — provides raw low / median / high market rates for selected baskets of services.
  • Pricer Advanced — provides in-depth context on where within that range your offerings can compete.

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Dean Nelson, Vice President of Global Foundation Services, eBay
“I knew I was leaving a bit on the table in our outsourced contracts. But the corporate mandate is growth and innovation, and when further contract improvement seemed to be marginal, my team’s first priorities had to move elsewhere. We can count on RampRate to be precise, timely and create millions in value.”
Vice President of Global Foundation ServiceseBay