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Shared Services Benchmark – High Tech

Synopsis: A Fortune 50 software IT supplier engaged RampRate to perform an in-​​​​​​depth benchmark and sourcing analysis of its external providers of IT services. This review included a thorough analysis of the costs, service levels, and contract terms for data center operations, managed services, back-​​​​​​up services, networking and connectivity, and Internet bandwidth utilization.

It also examined, for key suppliers, the suite of services offered, bundling of services offered, standard and best-​​​​​​in-​​​​​​class service levels, list price for individual services and bundled service packages, average actual prices for individual services and bundled service packages, and operational costs for services provided.

The client used RampRate’s analysis to compare its internal operational costs and service levels against the market. It also restructured its internal chargeback model to reduce undesirable behavior from internal customers.

Result: Reductions of 12-​​​​​​47% were realized through mid-​​​​​​contract negotiation, while increasing services levels 22%..

Global Payments – Digital Entertainment

Scope: Strategic research of global digital entertainment market

Geography: Global

Synopsis: A global leader in electronic payments processing and credit/​​debit issuance required a global market study of all forms of digital entertainment media to evaluate a new product and to simplify global purchases of digital entertainment and media.

Approach and Solution: RampRate conducted a thorough evaluation of the current and future state of the digital entertainment and media marketplace and developed a complete digital media value chain to anticipate the future state of all economic drivers supporting the current and future marketplace. Additionally, RampRate conducted one-​​​​on-​​​​one interviews with executive-​​​​level industry experts to gauge their industry expertise to substantiate the primary research developed.

Result: RampRate completed its market research in record time and under budget. Throughout the process, RampRate was able to update the client daily with reviews helping formulate its business model and planning on the fly. The result of the RampRate market research study helped the client prioritize its global top-​​​​10 projects prior to its IPO.

Games Developer – Global Payment Processing

Scope:Electronic payments sourcing

Geography: Global

Synopsis: A leading video games developer in the United States endeavored to transform its popular console games into online MMO-​​​​style versions complete with subscription-​​​​based electronic payments. This endeavor required a multi-​​​​national effort to locate and evaluate payment processing IT suppliers for potential consideration.

Approach and Solution: RampRate conducted an exhaustive study of 75+ electronic payments providers globally; evaluating them on over 100 different criteria required by our client. By developing a common evaluation criteria methodology, the participating IT suppliers were evaluated side-​​​​by-​​​​side and considered for final participation in the selection process.

Result: Within two weeks, the field was quickly narrowed from the 45+ qualified suppliers to 6, based on criteria supplied by RampRate’s client. Three IT suppliers were ultimately selected based on their various strengths, product offerings, and geographic positioning.

Shared Services Benchmark – Media

Synopsis: A top movie studio approached RampRate to examine its current relationship with its corporate parent’s internal services organization. RampRate identified significant financial deficiencies that could be resolved by pursuing an outsourced model; however, the services were kept in-​​​​house for strategic reasons. RampRate significantly revised the SLA to ensure that the high costs were offset by strong service level commitments.

Result: It was found reductions of 9-​​​​23% would be realized through mid-​​​​contract negotiation, while increasing services levels 64%. The corporate division used this data to reduce its division-operating bill from shared services over $13mm/​​year.

Insurance Carrier Disaster Recovery Services

Scope: Sourcing Review/Selection

Geography: North America

Synopsis: A leading international insurance services provider, consisting of over 5,000 companies and servicing clients in over 1,150 countries, suffered from excessive cost over runs from its existing disaster recovery services provider. The firm instigated a significant cost-​​​​cutting and restructuring program with a greater focus on improving the quality of service it currently received while reducing the overall costs and integrating disparate facilities into one, regionally accessible location with the ability to host site facilities to different time zones with preferential priority. This program included both sourcing and IT supplier selection functions through a proprietary evaluation and selection process.

Approach and Solution: RampRate met with the client to determine its exact needs and requirements and evaluated the current IT supplier’s former and proposed contract. RampRate then formulated an evaluation matrix to organize and compare every aspect of the previous service agreement to the proposed agreement, providing for a clear comparison between the service offerings, terms, conditions, and pricing. RampRate then engaged two additional tier-​​​​one, disaster recovery IT suppliers and evaluated their proposed offerings side by side.

Result: By way of RampRate’s side-​​​​by-​​​​side proposal evaluation methodology, the insurance company ultimately concluded how disproportionate the various service offerings each IT supplier supplied. RampRate successfully negotiated better terms, conditions, and rates from all three IT suppliers and negotiated over $4M in annual savings from the IT supplier ultimately selected.

Social Video Media Network

Scope: Technology/​​Process Consulting

Geography: North America

Synopsis: A leading social media network was experiencing difficulties managing explosive growth in subscriptions, which caused numerous system failures and outages resulting in lost subscribers. As a result, the company lost opportunities to acquire new subscribers as well as considerable sums of money from advertising and promotion activities.

Approach and Solution: RampRate conducted a thorough assessment of the company’s operational state including all technology infrastructure, personnel, policy, processes, and procedures. RampRate identified numerous deficiencies and developed a step-​​​​by-​​​​step process to remedy the systemic failures plaguing the company and its user base.

Result: Within 30 days of the implementation of RampRate’s proposed corrective actions, the company stabilized its platform and met its target of 1,000,000 subscribers 6 months ahead of schedule.

Desktop Support Outsourcing – Publishing

Synopsis:A leading book publisher engaged RampRate to advise and manage the RFP process for its global desktop outsourcing initiative. RampRate created the RFP document, supplied financial targets, and managed the due diligence process; drastically accelerating evaluation time. The client chose to not follow RampRate’s recommendations due to a strategic relationship with one of the target suppliers. However, this decision led to ongoing issues during the implementation phase.

Result: Reductions of 7-​​​​31% would be realized through mid-​​​​contract negotiation, while increasing services levels 22%. Project was completed within 6 weeks of kickoff.

Distributed Computing Benchmark – Financial Services

Synopsis: A Fortune 50 financial services provider used RampRate’s services to provide a point-​​​​in-​​​​time financial comparison against its internal costs in 7 key data centers, as well as on-​​​​demand storage utilities and server management. In conjunction with this activity, RampRate analyzed CPU utilization metrics to assess the efficacy of the client’s distributed computing operations. As a result of the project, the client focused its efforts on improved measurement of utilization beyond CPU to include I/​O and storage while validating the fact that its data center operations were competitive with market medians for the region.

Result: It was found reductions of 19-​​​​26% would be realized through mid-​​​​contract negotiation, while increasing services levels 74%.

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DC Operations Benchmark – Financial Services

Synopsis: A Fortune 50 financial services provider engaged RampRate to perform an in-​​​​depth benchmark of its in-​​​​house data center services, using RampRate’s SPY Index™ to identify areas of potential savings. The benchmark revealed that contrary to initial assumptions, labor was one of the lowest-​​​​cost items compared to market and peers while data center space was the least cost effective. As a result of the benchmark, the client established a deep, repeatable process for measuring data center operational efficiency and a reporting structure to use for management updates.

Result: It was found reductions of 12-​​​​47% would be realized through mid-​​​​contract negotiation/​​outsourcing, while increasing services levels 22%.

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Blizzard Entertainment“RampRate has been my most reliable global resource and is ready to perform for us at a moment’s notice. Their inside knowledge and ability to handle high-level complex negotiations helped us move fast! They made scaling easier.”

Paul Sams, COO, Blizzard Entertainment

 Phil Wiser, CTO Hearst, formerly of Sony and Liquid Audio“For over a dozen years, RampRate helped my companies understand the differences between suppliers and worked with us to create the methodology, define the metrics and utilize the proper QoS tools needed to choose the supplier best suited to our needs or restructuring through tailoring solutions. RampRate knows this business better than anyone. We literally saved months of time and optimized our infrastructure spend time and time again. They saved us millions, created agility and new budget out of thin air.” We use them to source or renegotiate cloud, CDN, data center, telecom, software, and strategic initiatives.

Phil Wiser, CTO Hearst, formerly of Sony and Liquid Audio

eBay“I knew I was leaving a bit on the table in our outsourced contracts. But the corporate mandate is growth and innovation, and when further contract improvement seemed to be marginal, my team’s first priorities had to move elsewhere. We can count on RampRate to be precise, timely and create millions in value.”

Dean Nelson, Vice President of Global Foundation Services, eBay

Accenture“I have had the pleasure of working with the crew at RampRate several times. Each time they have saved significant time in negotiating and closing contracts for data center space, telecom and managed services, which provided at least 20% savings over what we could have done alone and certainly cut processes in half. Tony and team are extremely knowledgeable in this space and always bring innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to the table.” 

Michael Montalto, Accenture

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