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We are a leading global sourcing advisory firm serving some of the world’s most important brands. We advise on and help Global 2000 companies transact for data center, telecom, CDN, RIM, IT support, and software maintenance services. We leverage our proprietary sourcing decision execution platform and acquired sourcing data to optimize each client’s bill of sourced IT infrastructure services.
In our 14-year history we have optimized IT sourcing contracts exceeding $24 billion for clients in diverse industries. Our IT infrastructure sourcing solutions save our clients 23.8% on average with no risk, and usually recover 1000s of hours of valuable staff time. Our clients enjoy a 99% success rate on their sourcing transactions.

The aggregated service provider information derived from the 1000s of sourcing transactions we have engineered yields valuable insight for our clients and partners.

Our engagement approach offers comprehensive supplier selection, location research, architectural advisory, contract negotiation, and master agency services. We employ a team of talented, experienced infrastructure architects and IT industry specialists who work with service providers to source and deliver best-in-class IT infrastructure services based on optimal pricing and terms to our clients.

Our partner ecosystem allows us to provide our clients with in-depth profiles of more than 1,100 IT service providers spanning all technology verticals. We arm the client’s IT team with detailed impact reports, scorecards and ongoing measurement tools to demonstrate TCO and service cost transparency. Importantly, our sourcing solutions consistently drive rapid outcomes for IT that result in greater flexibility and efficiency in the provisioning of services to the IT team’s customers.

Our client roster includes major tech companies, global media and Internet giants, several of the largest Internet gaming companies, and some of the world’s leading financial institutions.

In 2013 alone, we structured $4.5 billion in outsourced IT services contracts. With $15 billion in our pipeline for 2014 and an average client portfolio of $125 million, we are positioned to experience triple-digit growth.

RampRate is your risk reducer.
Equipped with our proprietary HyperSource.IT! Sourcing Decision Execution Platform, RampRate employs a unique software-defined approach to drive intelligent sourcing decisions.

More so than any company, we leverage big data from over 1,100 suppliers in 100 countries—for over a dozen different IT service delivery models—to reduce the time, cost and risk for sourcing data center, telecom, CDN, IT support, and cloud infrastructure services.

You benefit from:
Smarter buying choices
The freedom to source from anyone, anywhere, anytime
Shorter RFP and contract management negotiation cycles
Continuous monitoring and measurement of the cost to compute for all applications
Reduced transactional friction



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Hearst Corporation

Hearst Corporation

Over 6+ years, Hearst Corporation used RampRate to optimize its existing IT infrastructure relationships, obtain new services, and bring a more centrally coordinated and efficient IT strategy

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