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Socialstack is excited to announce a $350,000 grant fund for organizations and creators to launch social tokens that advance social and environmental action. This kicks off our ‘Summer Of Action’Applications for up to $50k grants are now live with an August 31st submission deadline. As the first grant fund ever established for social tokens, the fund will provide purpose-driven organizations and creators with monetary and in-kind support.

We’re aiming to fund a diverse representation of builders, impact makers, and creators.Along with the launch we’re announcing two initial grant recipients including Silicon Harlem and Picture Motion. Silicon Harlem was founded ten years ago to onboard Harlem and other urban markets into technology and innovation, recently opening a marquee innovation center with support from several of the world’s influential corporations. Picture Motion is an award-winning impact agency for film and entertainment that develops and implements campaigns to maximize the power of film to ignite progressive change. The agency has led campaigns for titles including Questlove’s 2022 Oscar Winning documentary Summer of Soul showcasing never seen footage of Black joy and culture in action at the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival and riveting climate and criminal justice documentaries Beyond The Flood and 13th.

The Summer of Action will be powered by Socialstack V3, with our new Impact Pools feature. Through curating an impact feed of various campaigns, we will unlock impact through incentivizing sustained grassroots action at scale through Web3.‍

Brands can present campaigns and provide rewards for participants.

Nonprofits and social movements can drive attention and action to their cause.

Crypto protocols can contribute token rewards to onboard culture aligned users to their project‍

In addition to financial support, recipients of our grant fund will receive pro-bono services from the Socialstack team leveraging our expertise via informational events, office hours, and bespoke services from our Web3 Studio. The strategic vision is to hone in on the power of communities using tokens to orchestrate community actions in a bespoke digital economy, where all of its stakeholders get upside, including a very important stakeholder – the planet.‍

We’ve already launched communities like Starboard, the leading sustainability-driven water sports brand, which has removed over 500,000 pounds of ocean plastic while earning token incentives which can be redeemed for planting trees, merchandise and more. Other notable communities include the first social token for a nonprofit (Project Zero), Africa’s top NFT creator (Osinachi), and international DJ Blond:ish’s sustainability initiative (Bye Bye Plastic), which Socialstack deployed its first-ever grant to. The company launched the first social token experience at Christie’s in the Fall.‍

Contributing a portion of profits or token allocation to a charity is a simple copy and paste concept from the old paradigm of doing things. Many efficiences are introduced by Web3 to activate advocates, social media followers, and new community members. Creating systems to advance solutions for the challenges that nonprofits aim to solve through a decentralized network of task completion can truly bring forward outcomes.‍

Any organization or creators can apply for a grant at

Andrew Berkowitz, Blog Author and CEO


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