Author: Mia Lawrence

The Way Of DAO

Typical programming reimbursement structures are not fair. Engineers write code and a company owns it, effectively subsidizing executive bonuses. But with a DAO, compensation is based on value creation.

Corporations, not governments, can create a better world

This article originally appeared on [].” By Alex Veytsel (NOTE: this is an expanded version of the article that originally appeared on I’m

Tony Greenberg Interview

The Scale up Show – Innovative Thinking with Tony Greenberg

Tony Greenberg is an investor, operator and driver of transparency. Partner in $60b + exits from Internet to blockchain who is currently working on healing, AI, decentralising, blockchain tech, cryptocurrency infrastructure, cost of compute software, cost containment, and sourcing IT.

How to win over your board of directors

“Technology needs to be a profit center, not a cost center,” says Tony Greenberg of RampRate. “You want success metrics that are centered on revenue creation, margin improvements, social impact, and building brand equity.”