Author: Mia Lawrence

Announcing Socialstack’s Summer of Action

Socialstack is excited to announce a $350,000 grant fund for organizations and creators to launch social tokens that advance social and environmental action. This kicks off our ‘Summer Of Action’. Applications for up to $50k grants are now live.

The Way Of DAO

Typical programming reimbursement structures are not fair. Engineers write code and a company owns it, effectively subsidizing executive bonuses. But with a DAO, compensation is based on value creation.

Corporations, not governments, can create a better world

This article originally appeared on [].” By Alex Veytsel (NOTE: this is an expanded version of the article that originally appeared on I’m

Tony Greenberg Interview

The Scale up Show – Innovative Thinking with Tony Greenberg

Tony Greenberg is an investor, operator and driver of transparency. Partner in $60b + exits from Internet to blockchain who is currently working on healing, AI, decentralising, blockchain tech, cryptocurrency infrastructure, cost of compute software, cost containment, and sourcing IT.