The CDN Market is Changing Rapidly.

Are You Keeping Up?

In the last 18 months, new market segments have become competitive

Rates have dropped more than usual, and early adopter features have become must-haves to not fall behind.

If you’re operating in a 2015 mindset, you’re not only overpaying, but possibly hurting your brand with your clients.

CEO: IT Should Deliver Value. Without Risk

Challenges in Buying CDN

– Overpaying – others may pay ½ to 1/3 for identical service

– Cost control – easy to run up large & unexpected bills

– Performance – milliseconds cost customers & revenue

– Security – DDoS, bots, unauthorized users

– Features – do you have strategies for mobile, rich media, fast content purge?

– Provider selection – who is best for your needs? 1 or 2 CDNs?

RampRate’s CDN Wins

– >$100M in cost reductions on CDN services since 2000

– 48% average savings in the last 2 years (33%-60%+ range)

– Better fit – replacing unused extras with key value-adds

– Provider selection for all use scenarios – retail, media, streaming, large file, events

– Performance improvement via core CDN & adjunct services (measurement, DNS, etc.)

– Load-balancing 2+ CDNs for regional needs, reliability & cost

Most Projects are Funded by Savings We Negotiate For You

CEO: IT Should Deliver Value. Without Risk

Option 1: Quick Fix

Same or Better CDN for Less
• Quick tuning of price, contract terms, features to market
• Demonstrate potential alternatives if CDN is suboptimal

Option 2: 5-Step Full CDN Optimization Process

How Is Your CDN Doing Today?
• Usage trends, stakeholder interviews, performance
• Compare to outcomes with potential alternatives

Right Architecture for Performance & Cost Goals
• CDN vs. hosting; 1 CDN vs. 2-3; optimal service type
• Shortlist of providers that can meet target needs

Negotiate Better Deal with Current or New CDN
• Incumbents: right-size; improve flexibility, reduce cost
• New suppliers: verify claims; test-drive; build contract

Surround with Optimal Complementary Services
• From core provider: security / DDoS, support, features
• From 3rd parties: measurement; DNS; advanced security

Design Future End State for CDN
• Mobile strategies; new regions; new product sets
• Integration with roadmap for hosting / cloud

How do We Get Started?

1. We get 3-13 months of CDN bills; contracts / renewal offers; read-only portal login to review usage; performance data

2. We confirm that we can fund the project with savings and find you wins in other areas you care about (contract, performance, etc.)

3. We design a performance-driven SOW for a quick or full project

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