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The CDN Market is Changing Rapidly.

Are You Keeping Up & Do you Trust Your Vendor?
Our clients report increased confusion with all the new market suppliers

Rates have dropped more than usual, and early adopter features have become must-haves to not fall behind. If you’re operating in a 2015 mindset, you’re not only overpaying, but possibly hurting your brand with your clients with poor performance. We have a simple way to insure you are on track with the right provider/s at the value, including staying with your current vendor.

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Challenges in Buying CDN

  • – Overpaying – others may pay ½ to 1/3 for identical service
  • – Cost control – easy to run up large & unexpected bills
  • – Performance – milliseconds cost customers & revenue
  • – Security – DDoS, bots, unauthorized users
  • – Features – do you have strategies for mobile, rich media, fast content purge?
  • – Provider selection – who is best for your needs? 1 or 2 CDNs?

RampRate’s CDN Wins

  • – >$100M in cost reductions on CDN services since 2000
  • – 48% average savings in the last 2 years (33%-60%+ range)
  • – Better fit – replacing unused extras with key value-adds
  • – Provider selection for all use scenarios – retail, media, streaming, large file, events
  • – Performance improvement via core CDN & adjunct services (measurement, DNS, etc.)
  • – Load-balancing 2+ CDNs for regional needs, reliability & cost

Most Projects are Funded by Savings We Negotiate For You

Option 1: Quick Fix


• Same or Better CDN for Less
• Quick tuning of price, contract terms, features to market
• Demonstrate potential alternatives if CDN is suboptimal

Option 2: 5-Step Full CDN Optimization


How Is Your CDN Doing Today?
• Usage trends, stakeholder interviews, performance
• Compare to outcomes with potential alternatives

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• Right Architecture for Performance & Cost Goals
• CDN vs. hosting; 1 CDN vs. 2-3; optimal service type
• Shortlist of providers that can meet target needs


• Negotiate Better Deal with Current or New CDN
• Incumbents: right-size; improve flexibility, reduce cost
• New suppliers: verify claims; test-drive; build contract


• Surround with Optimal Complementary Services
• From core provider: security / DDoS, support, features
• From 3rd parties: measurement; DNS; advanced security


Design Future End State for CDN
• Mobile strategies; new regions; new product sets
• Integration with a roadmap for hosting/cloud

How do We Get Started?

  • 1. We get 3-13 months of CDN bills; contracts/renewal offers; read-only portal login to review usage; performance data
  • 2. We confirm that we can fund the project with savings and find your win in other areas you care about (contract, performance, etc.)
  • 3. We design a performance-driven SOW for a quick or full project
  • 4. In most cases, you won’t even have to change providers.

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CDN Case Studies

Top organizations like Nike, Ticketmaster, Sony, and Tronc reduced costs, improved performance, and reinvested the savings in a better customer experience

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