DATE – Second Half of the RampRate Secret Sauce


For casual readers, the one part of RampRate’s business that is externally visible and shines through in the blogs and articles is the SPY Index.

With 137,000+ quotes it puts a real backing on our opinions, and gives some precision in estimating everything from power cost margins for suppliers that charge per circuit to impact of poorly measured SLAs.

It’s been RampRate’s flagship family of products for a decade now.

CIOs and CFOs that took the next step in working with us on an outsourcing or benchmark project know that there’s a second half of the equation churning behind the scenes.

the previously nameless RampRate process and workflow that accomplishes much of the heavy lifting in a deal:

  • Getting internal consensus on true needs
  • Getting supplier quotes into an apples-to-apples format
  • Balancing supplier strengths and weaknesses into an evaluation of optimal fit

This other half of the RampRate secret sauce allowed us to succeed in places where SPY Index transactional knowledge was not yet built up and analyst coverage was scarce — areas such as payment processing, highly custom applications for music and publishing industries, and exotic geographies all over the world.

Over time, this process half of the equation became as valuable to our clients as the more visible and flashy data portion, and we’ve invested heavily in automating and standardizing it to become a true project. Today, IT infrastructure buyers work with us through an online project management system and follow a standardized workflow across all practices of the organization

So with a real repeatable process and automation in place, it was time to give this half of RampRate’s infrastructure a name and a brand. We’re calling it the Deal Acceleration and Transparency Engine or DATE for short. In the first release, changes to buyer and provider practices will be minor, with most of the functionality still working behind the scenes.  Over time, as quote forms, bid status, and clarifications move online, it will become a true portal for our transaction enablement. So if you’ve worked with us before and want to influence how we change the process half of the equation, now’s a good time to speak up either in the comments below or by contacting us.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask us.

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