RampRate’s Investor Analyst Research practice brings factual data on real-world deals happening all over the world.

Our analysis includes real prices being paid by buyers, suppliers evaluation metrics, direct end-customer perceptions, and much more. Our SPY Index™ helps our research analysts get beyond surveys and annual report numbers and straight to the decision support you need as an investor or analyst.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the real competitive advantages/entry barriers?

RampRate works in markets around the world and tracks the ebb and flow of businesses in those markets. Our SPY Index allows us to quickly understand players and positioning in each location, and identify trends which make for opportunities or red flags. For example, among the thousands of data points collected over 15 years are client weightings for dozens of important factors in their buying decisions.  We use that data, compared to win/loss performance, to form a clear picture of exactly why companies win or lose deals. This is done by geography, market segment, company size or other pertinent factors.

A supplier’s stock crash – their problem or industry crisis?

RampRate has the pulse of deal flow around the world.  We can give you hard data on market dynamics to tell you whether you’re seeing an underperforming business or a weakening market. Competitive price pressure is a typical rationale for margin erosion, but how do you know for sure?  RampRate’s SPY Index contains price levels from global IT infrastructure outsourcing markets – we see markets begin to rise and fall before the business you’re working with finds out months later.

How do I check a business model / competitive analysis?

RampRate is an information company with an unparalleled database of real market metrics – the SPY Index.  Our analysts can quickly compare speculation or implied data with real-world factual information.

What are the biggest untapped opportunities?

Based on our data and modeling, we can extract opportunities that are impossible to spot from casual observation, anecdotal information or even data from a typically small sample of deals done by a single company.  Finding gaps in location, service offering, pricing models and levels, as well as strategic marketing is one of our specialties.

Is the company I’m investing in for real?

RampRate can help you definitively evaluate a potential investment by direct comparison to like businesses, as well as the weighting preference models generated by our clients.  If your potential acquisition is competitively sound and fits what real clients want, you have the hard information to make the right decisions. We have direct relationships and data covering hundreds of the world’s leading (frankly, sometimes lagging) sellers in the IT infrastructure outsourcing markets.  And, as part of a client engagement process at RampRate, we continue to collect accurate data that includes capabilities, costs and social responsibility profiles on all the sellers involved in deals.

What’s the real market size/opportunity, not hype?

RampRate’s SPY Index contains hard data on real-world buyer-seller transactions.  One way in which we use the data is to construct highly accurate comparisons between service businesses in the IT infrastructure outsourcing markets. If you have general exploratory questions or would like a consultation with one of our Strategic Research experts.

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