At OTT Question Time #11 last year we talked about the environmental impact of OTT streaming and some of the numbers involved. People watch over 1bn hours of content every day on YouTube, for example. Online video accounted for around 60% of all internet traffic according to Sandvine. And the ICT industry was responsible for 5-9% of total worldwide electricity consumption. Startling figures.

At THIS week’s OTT Question Time (Thursday 25th November, 5pm CET), and together with Bleuenn Le Goffic of Accedo, Gulliver Smithers of RampRate and Lars Larsson of Varnish Software, we’re discussing the environment again but this time looking at things that might help make streaming greener. Innovations like video caching, streamlining content storage and implementing better industry-wide standards. Not sexy headlines, necessarily, but certainly good for reducing waste and costs.

OTT Question Time will be streamed (we’re aware of the irony) at 4pm UK / 5pm CET on Thursday 25 November. Register to watch live and engage with our panellists.

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