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Success Story Shopzilla

Shopzilla Success Story

Shopzilla, Inc., is a leading source for connecting buyers and sellers online. Reaching a global audience of over 40 million shoppers each month through both its destination Web sites and affiliate network, Shopzilla connects shoppers…

Cloud SPY INDEX Solution

App-centric workload placement modeling solution drives business & IT alignment for enterprise cloud deployment initiatives. Many enterprise data center managed services clients are enterprises that missed out on early adoption of cloud technology...

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In today’s information economy, reputation matters, and your company’s reputation is closely tied to the company it keeps. When you sign a deal with a data center partner, you may inadvertently double your company’s carbon…

Data Use & Protection Policy

Protecting the security and privacy:: Of your corporate data is important to RampRate. Therefore, we receive, use, and store your corporate information strictly in accordance with the following Data Privacy & Protection Policy. We make…