RampRate vs. ITBM/ITFM Tools Data Sheet

RampRate vs. ITBM/ITFM Tools Data SheetIT business/financial management tools

(Apptio, BMC ITBM, VMWare ITBM, HP IT Executive scorecard, CloudCruiser, and others) offer a snapshot of your IT portfolio’s realities.

In contrast, RampRate’s HyperSourcing platform gives you a view into the possibilities–and hands-on help to meet your cost, risk, and performance targets.

There is unquestioned value in measurement of IT costs. ITBM/ITFM tools provide the metrics you need to budget
properly and measure your infrastructure’s financial state.

However, knowledge alone is not enough. You also need to act on what you’ve learned. And that’s where you need a complement to ITBM like RampRate.

RampRate builds and executes strategies for evolving your IT infrastructure.

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