White Paper: How CIOs Can Maximize ROI

How CIOs Can Maximize ROIHow CIOs Can Maximize ROI  – WHITEPAPER​
By Joe Weinman, Author of “Cloudonomics”It’s not a big secret—the IT function is in the midst of a significant transformation. That means the CIO role is changing and becoming more integral to the executive leadership team and business decision-making.

More importantly, the CIO’s responsibilities are weighing heavily on enterprises’ financial objectives and causing additional challenges for the CIO in this high-paced, globally competitive, increasingly technical ecosystem.

While navigating a complex multitude of emerging trends, CIOs need to figure out how they impact the overall ROI of IT; they need to identify opportunities and maximize the IT investment to achieve the optimal outcome.

The first step is to really look at the business value of IT and ensure it can be understood.Enterprises need to realize that IT can provide a competitive edge.

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