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With cyber attacks growing in strength and number, it’s becoming harder and harder to avoid becoming a victim. Prepare your business by learning all you can from the latest data on threat patterns and the anatomy of attacks. Recognize where your organization is most vulnerable, where opportunity for data loss is greatest, and how it can be controlled and prevented. It’s not enough to protect your network – effective ITsecurity must involve security for data, endpoints, and web application security as well.

Building a successful program today requires talented security professionals who can develop a cyber strategy and sort through all the options to choose the right mix of services, technology and solutions to build an effective program. RampRate can help you to vet the market for the best solution for your business needs.

A few reasons why businesses can’t ignore cyber security:

• Cyber security is non-negotiable for businesses today. To conduct transactions, manage a P&L or call a colleague, the network has to be up and running.

• Network-level protection offers threat intelligence that is capable of scanning network activity for worm propagation, zero day events, dark address space scanning, DDoS activity, protocol misuse, botnets, and phishing attacks.

• Proactive detection and response systems, guided by trusted threat intelligence are required. Preventative measures to stop cyber-attacks are not enough.

Among today’s business challenges is the need to see enough data to detect an issue while distilling the data volume so it yields meaningful actions. The ability to see that “needle in the haystack” is critical to early detection and resolution. Network visibility and control provide the best combination for detecting and neutralizing threats. Smart businesses recognize the benefits of leveraging network controls as an integral part of their protection.

As the first line of defense, demand for network-based services is growing at a significant clip. Business complexity requires security strategies to be easily deployed and enforced. Today’s organizations are faced with a dizzying combination of vulnerabilities; increased diversity in devices, apps, and storage locations; BYOD; remote access to corporate networks; and disparate appliances managed by different groups. Having the ability to quickly deploy and scale a unified security policy across your business means investments are more effective, more efficient — and ultimately, more valuable.