Data Use & Protection Policy

Data Use & Protection Policy

As a trusted intermediary for more than 125 buyers and over 1,100 service providers, RampRate’s reputation is its top asset. In order to maintain trust and balance the market’s need for transparency with customers’ and suppliers’ need to maintain trade secrets and competitive advantages. RampRate has developed a multi-layer confidentiality protection scheme.

ds ramprate strategy suite

Strategy Suite

Don’t miss your launch date, buy services you don’t need, or overpay for IT services. RampRate helps you align your needs with the right providers, and then negotiate the best possible price and terms.

How can we accomplish this for you? By applying our SPY Index to your business requirements, RampRate’s advisory specialists reduce cost, risk, and time from your buying process so you can get back to your core business issues.

You can make the right choice when given the right information. We support your procurement process and internal teams with powerful, real-world data at every step.

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Supplier Products

RampRate has developed a series of products tailored specifically to the needs of IT service providers and shared services organizations worldwide. These products are based upon direct feedback from our IT supplier partners and other IT suppliers in the industry, and are fundamentally designed to help you answer the following key questions:

  • Am I really competitive?
  • Are my services in line with market best practices?
  • How can I scale my organization successfully?