CIOs Can Maximize ROI

White Paper: How CIOs Can Maximize ROI

It’s not a big secret—the IT function is in the midst of a significant transformation. That means the CIO role is changing and becoming more integral to the executive leadership team and business decision-making. More importantly, the CIO’s responsibilities are weighing heavily on enterprises’ financial objectives and causing additional challenges for the CIO in this high-paced, globally competitive, increasingly technical ecosystem.

Read this thought provoking and prescriptive white paper by bestselling author and RampRate advisor Joe Weinman.

wp ramprate IT efficiency and waste quantification

IT Efficiency and Waste Quantification

Typically, the IT services buyer forecasts usage utilizing a number of factors at his/her disposal: Prior contracted capacity—that is, what was signed up for in the past. Forecasted business objectives, along with the inherited success criteria for objective completion, that will dictate IT demand—what will IT infrastructure needs look like over the upcoming quarters relative … Continued