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Syzygy: Let’s Align! 

Syzygy [ siz-i-jee ] – an alignment of three celestial objects, as the sun, the earth, and either the moon or a planet (Webster’s Dictionary)


We have a vision. We want you to join us. 

For over two decades, RampRate team has helped companies innovate and grow. We can proudly say that we have championed our clients to become influential, important, and inspiring businesses. Since 2000, our team has coordinated complex decisions and driven corporate strategy sourcing from corrupt and opaque business-as-usual to transparency, innovation, and impact.

Today and every day we strive to continue delivering success and elevate the way business does business.

But our business is evolving. With this evolution, we have found Cosmic Alignment. 

Synchronicity is why we created Syzygy Impact, a Growth Strategy firm advising startups across industries. Our goal is to positively impact as many lives as possible. We’re powered by RampRate and Tony G. 

A Syzygy is when three celestial bodies line up, like the sun, moon and Earth during an eclipse. 

In our business, a Syzygy means aligning inputs with outcomes. Companies, humans, and results. People, planet, and profit. Creating companies that: 

  • Follow ESG spreadsheets that uphold our values
  • Disrupt the most important sectors, such as health or Web3. 
  • Improve the lived experience of real humans.

If you don’t know where you’re going, why, and how, you probably won’t get there – our strategic impact planning and program design services help clients maintain clarity and focus in achieving results even as conditions change.


We use our decades of relationships with Fortune 500’s to bridge the gap between startup and enterprise. We blend basement-tinkering founders with Sony’s technology. We marry harebrained ideas to McKinsey’s market research. 

If you’re thinking: “That’s so cool. How can I get involved?”   

This newsletter is it. 

We’re looking for syzygies for our startups. 

Our startups have needs

  • Advisors, clients, partners. 

Your network can fill those needs

  • Assets, connections, knowledge, advisors, leads. 

Together, we can align. Change the Universe.  

Syzygies are rare. Only so often do the sun, moon and stars dance in just the right way. 

Yet it can be done. 

If we partner together with the best intentions and a true alignment of values, we stand a better chance of changing the shape of the Universe. 

And we can give birth to awesome companies that have a positive impact, good vibes, and solid social licenses to operate. Companies that change the world for the better and make money while doing so. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to participate and get a glimpse at the opportunities we’re seeing, sign up here

But for now, just sit tight as we open doors to lasting impact.

Yours in alignment,

Tony, Alex, Barry, Amy, Ben, Adelle, and all the team at Syzygy (powered by RampRate)