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Impact and Technology-Focused Advisor for Enterprise & Startups

RampRate is a global advisory firm focused on the most impactful, positive opportunities in tech and wellness, from DAOs and blockchain to VR and psychedelics.

Our Growth Strategy Advisory division helps innovative and impact-focused startups mature their products, operations, and marketing, so that we can facilitate transformational partnerships with our enterprise clients and industry-leading tech suppliers.

Our social impact initiative, Syzygy, helps enterprises align their operations and supply chains with the impact priorities of all stakeholders.

Corporate Facts

  • Founded in 2000
  • Private & self-funded and profitable since birth
  • Offices: Santa Monica CA (Global HQ); Ibiza Spain (EU HQ); Massachusetts; North Carolina; Florida
  • IT deals facilitated in: 200+ locations; 50+ countries worldwide
  • Areas of Expertise: 
    • Social impact (measurement, supply chain, finance)
    • IT infrastructure (hosting, networks, cloud, telecom, support services)
    • Strategic research (primary research, data models, product planning)
    • Digital media (live events, CDN, licensing value chains)
    • Blockchain (mining, proof of stake nodes, tokenomics)
    • Health & wellness innovation