Matchmaking in the age of cloud, which is simply hosting.

Since 1996, our founder Tony Greenberg was on the founding team of outsourcing firm Exodus. He found there was 40% excess capacity and cost in most every IT services deal and sales people who oversold 40%. Our role is to cut that fat out.

If you buy or sell IT infrastructure services, you’re about to meet a company that will make you even more successful. At RampRate, we play matchmaker by facilitating win-win partnerships between buyers and sellers. Buyers enjoy lower costs, faster ramp times, and reduced risk.

Sellers benefit from more efficient and sustainable relationships with their clients. We are not outsource procurement. Many of your suppliers are our clients, therefor we know how to cut costs on both sides and make everyone happy. Whether its commission reduction or refining the use case against the contract, we stand unique in our ability to drive powerful outcomes. Everytime.

We are hired by clients who are scaling, normalizing or downsizing. We do this by sourcing fast and renegotiating your current contracts, regardless of at termination time or right in the middle.

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