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Imprinting Your Impact DNA™ on Your Supply Chains and Beyond

When it comes to impact, every organization has its own personality. Our tools and services help you discover that personality, identify ways in which the organization is not yet living up to its ideals, and re-align it with these ideals to reach its full potential.

Step 1: Impact DNA™ – Discover Who You Are

The Impact DNA process engages your team, clients, partners, investors, and community to get to clear quantifiable guidance on these questions:

  • What impact are we meant to create as an organization?
  • What impact priorities drive every team contributor and external stakeholder?
  • Do our goals mesh or conflict?

Step 2: Diagnose whether we are living this DNA

The diagnostic process looks for disconnects between the vision and the actual actions we take, with a deep focus on the supply chain and the perceptions of our organization from the outside (e.g. on social media or third party rating sites) to answer:

  • Are we truly aligned as a team?
  • Do we vote for our collective vision of the good with our budget?
  • Do others see us as good actors?

Step 3: Become Ourselves Again – Even at Work

When we are at home, we are good, conscientious people. We buy fair trade, local, green products and boycott bad actors in the marketplace. Yet when we are at work we feel powerless to bring that personality with us. Our process will change that as we:

  • Build better teams
  • Buy from partners with shared values
  • Uplift unheard voices

End-Result – Do Good for the World AND Do Well for your Firm

As a result of our process, our customers:

  • Attract better talent
  • Align with investors’ goals
  • Improve brand equity
  • Increase morale / retention
  • Build closer partnerships
  • Feel good about what they do every day