Our managed services and cloud pricing, benchmarking, sourcing and procurement practice gives you accurate, competitive pricing and service level (SLA) information for your next managed services procurement decision.

We have identified and actualized millions in savings for buyers of remote and local managed services of application management and full-​​service hosting.

If you are looking for advisory services for managed services / ​cloud decisions, call RampRate for benchmarking, sourcing and procurement advice on in-​​house shared services,
on​​shore, offshore, and hybrid managed services pricing models; as well as managed services payment models ranging from per-​​transaction and revenue share to simple hourly services.

As a result of using our proprietary SPY Index™ for real-​​world supplier data, RampRate’s managed services pricing benchmark successes include:

  • Identified up to 51% cost reduction by moving from a shared services architecture to an outsourced cloud model, while shoring up the current in-​​house services with a stronger SLA
  • Removed more than 90% of hourly billed project charges and established clear delineation for in-​​scope vs. out-​​of-​​scope services, reducing ongoing costs by more than $4M per year
  • Oversaw a successful major restructuring of an e-​​commerce website with a move to a fully outsourced cloud model charged on a per-​​transaction basis, resulting in increased uptime and decreased support costs
  • Provided full cost certainty for advanced remote DBA services, while enabling the client to reduce its budget by 30%
  • Our managed services and cloud practice’s client roster includes top names in retail, publishing, financial services, and high tech

Benchmarking, Sourcing & Procurement

Managed services and cloud utility are the most complex disciplines in the IT sourcing landscape. Key challenges for transforming your business using best-​​in-​​class outsourced infrastructure include:

  • Complex in-​​source vs. outsource decisions:
    With hundreds of cost and service quality dimensions, the initial decision to outsource can be fraught with risk.
  • Variety of approaches:
    Options range from full-​​service outsourcing to local and remote device management to narrowly targeted professional services (e.g., remote DBA), and end user support provided by domestic, near-shore or offshore managed services providers.
  • Dozens of pricing models:
    Unlike other IT outsourcing disciplines, non-​​traditional pricing strategies such as revenue share, SLA-​​driven compensation, and both hourly and per device /​ instance fees open opportunities for optimization of existing arrangements.
  • Long path to support of critical processes
    Installation and ramp-​​up timelines are often measured in months, and lack of documentation and/​or resistance to change on the part of incumbents – internal and external alike – can undermine the process at critical junctures. The impact of positive change can be staggering in terms of cost, service uptime, process visibility /​ transparency, metrics, and the ability of IT to absorb and respond to business needs. The downside can be crippling, with many instances of high frustration and near-​​insurmountable switching costs.

RampRate gives you an ally in the complex process of benchmarking, sourcing and procurement of your managed services.

Ian Rodgers – CEO Beats Music
“When we first contacted RampRate, we were happy with our current provider but unsure of their ability to scale with our growth. We turned to RampRate for help in sorting out the market specifically as it relates to our needs for scalability and performance. The difficult part for us was making the final decision to split with our current provider (with whom I’ve done many years of business) or move on the deal RampRate had put together for us. Our previous provider couldn’t touch the price or level of service I was receiving with RampRate and in the end it was a no-brainer. Within 30 hours of our decision-making, we were fully installed and up and running. Not only did RampRate save us an incredible amount of time, resources, and money, but also we know we have the best possible solution for our needs now and far beyond.”