Benchmarking, Sourcing & Procurement

Managed services and cloud utility are the most complex disciplines in the IT sourcing landscape. Key challenges for transforming your business using best-in-class outsourced infrastructure include:

  • Complex in-source vs. outsource decisions:
  • Variety of approaches:
  • Dozens of pricing models:
  • Long path to support of critical processes

24% in savings for buyers of remote and local managed services of application management and full-service hosting.

As a result of using our proprietary SPY Index™ for real-world supplier data, RampRate’s managed services pricing benchmark successes include advice on in-house shared services, onshore, offshore, and hybrid managed services pricing models.:

  • Identified up to 51% cost reduction by moving from a shared services architecture to an outsourced cloud model, while shoring up the current in-house services with a stronger SLA
  • Removed more than 90% of hourly billed project charges and established clear delineation for in-scope vs. out-of-scope services, reducing ongoing costs by more 35%, increasing performance
  • Oversaw a successful major restructuring of an e-commerce website with a move to a fully outsourced cloud model charged on a per-transaction basis, resulting in increased uptime and decreased support costs
  • Provided full cost certainty for advanced remote DBA services, while enabling the client to reduce its budget by 30%
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Phil Wiser, former CTO, Sony Corporation of America
“RampRate helped us understand the differences between vendors and worked with us to create the methodology, define the metrics and utilize the proper QoS tools needed to choose the vendor best suited to our needs. RampRate knows this business better than anyone. We literally months of time and found the right provider.”
former CTO, Sony Corporation of AmericaSony Corporation of America