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Powering Purpose-driven Innovation

Founder's Story

Hi, We’re Tony and Alex, we founded RampRate in 2000 on the premise of elevating the way business does business. We could take the same connections that allowed us to cut 24% of each IT budget we touched and use them to kick down the barriers for tech innovators. We could take the same business planning rigor that we used to guide Sony, McKinsey, Microsoft or Intel on entering new markets and use it to help impact-driven startups reach their potential.

So that’s what we’re doing today – we find the next unicorns and gatekeepers to impact that will not just earn millions yet better millions of lives. We grok their vision while putting them through bootcamp to be ready for life-changing opportunities. And then we kick down the barriers to their success by connecting them with our Syzygy ecosystem and leveraging the trust we’ve built in the Fortune 1000 over 20 plus years to create opportunities few others can access.

The purpose driven economy is here. And its leaders, in one way or another, will be powered by Syzygy Impact, powered by RampRate.

Our Vision

We build an Ecosystem of impact-preneurs and trailblazers powered by opportunities, resources, innovation and human spirit

Our Core Values & Principles of Engagement

In order to meaningfully live our company values with our clients and in terms of our services and products, we must be agile, efficient, and entrepreneurial. While these are common buzzwords in the startup space, they have distinct meanings here at Syzygy Impact.

We aren’t afraid to say that not every instance of just and sustainable business practices brings immediate benefits. In short, not everything is a “win-win” and sometimes tradeoffs are needed.

What We Do

  • Accelerate or growth strategy and implementation for earlier stage companies

    Finding them
    Vetting them

  • General purpose boutique business planning and consultancy

  • Social Impact Consulting

    Develop and incubating novel tech products in the impact space
    Green routing, carbon counting and reporting
    Environmental impact assessment and due diligence
    ESG and human rights
    Strategic sustainability
    Non financial reporting advisory and assurance, outcome measurement

  • IT Supply chain optimization with regard to CSR/ESG

    Supply chain emissions (Scope III)
    Negotiating contracts/right-sizing – dormant business
    Technical skills to re-architect supply chains – mostly for carbon optimization and similar

How We Do It

  • Maintain deep expertise on industry spaces

  • Maintain a profound, broad network of sector-leading experts

    Emerging industries (where we sit in the ecosystem)
    Business administration
    Impact and measurement for CSR/ESG
    Project Management
    Primary research & business planning

  • Provide work descriptions, breakdowns, and strategic planning

  • Create and measure impact narrative and reporting for investment ROI and operational ROI

  • Broker deals

  • Manage stakeholders


  • Moral obligation and decision to operate with a conscious

  • Awareness of changing landscape for business sustainability

  • Because it is our DNA

  • Tech creates an enabling environment for high impact projects

    High SROI

  • People who have world-changing ideas don’t necessarily know how to build a business around them

  • Lack of awareness of negative impacts of tech

    Building the burning platform and building the bridge to get off it

For Whom

  • Dreamers – the humans with the vision to better the world who want help to execute

  • Universality of tech – we want to change the world for everyone

  • For the industries that need it most

    Low-hanging fruit
    Dirtiest industries

  • Corporate managers

    Budget savings
    Adapting to ESG revolution/shifting financial demographics

  • People who want to live their values at work