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Technology, Social Impact, Media and Blockchain

Over the last two decades, RampRate and its founders have built strong connections and a great reputation among senior executives at Fortune 500 companies, large investors, blockchain wizards/founders of successful ICOs, cryptocurrency exchanges and miners, and developers of cutting edge technology. We are excited to share those relationships and skills with emerging companies at this time. As our first incubator services, we are seeking and growing Unicorns to be that are shaping technology, media, and blockchain with impact solutions.

We’ve saved them money, helped them build strategic partnerships to make smarter investments, develop better products, and help execute their impact narrative, delivery, and outcome measurement. We know what they need and they trust us to fill that demand

Our startup advisory services include:

The audit

We will ensure you can deliver on your core promises. We will help you build a roadmap to doing so, both for the sake of your success and our reputation

Positioning & clarity of core value proposition

We know your audiences and the core messages that will resonate with them and will ensure that your message hits the right note

Cleanup & validation of marketing

We will help your marketing team shape your investor presentations, white paper and website into something that’s clear and compelling

Critical partnerships

Connecting you with partners that provide complementary technology and data, a channel to new customers, and other services to accelerate your business


We help you find employees, contractors, advisors, and service providers to grow

Social impact strategies

In today’s markets, people don’t just invest to make a profit. They invest to better the world. We’ll help you find that lever to not just do well but do good for others. And we’ll help you measure and report your impact

Strategic research

Identifying customers, competitors, and partner targets; quantifying market opportunities; interviewing consumers or technology executives and much more

Strategy validation

No matter what questions you have – from staffing to product roadmap to partners – our seasoned team will bring experience and data to bear on finding a good answer

IPO & ICO acceleration and amplification

Managing liquidity and getting listings on the right exchanges to ensure share/token price and the trading volume reflects the underlying value of the technology and or blockchain venture

Advisory board membership

After we vet your project, our CEO (Tony Greenberg) and his relationships may lend his name and reputation to your venture publicly

Our fees include a mix of equity and tokens, a commission or marketing bonus on revenue generated, and  for more intensive projects  project fees or ongoing retainers

Our engagement process includes a review of your core presentations and investor materials, white paper, and  for those organizations that are downselected — interviews with customers, investors or partners

Some of our insights on volatile but promising markets:

How did a respected sourcing advisor to Fortune 500 CIOs find itself compelled to help the blockchain movement?
The initial impetus for creating the blockchain was fundamentally anarchist and designed to make financial institutions – or even corporations – obsolete. Will this revolutionary spirit be tamed?
Some would-be revolutions fizzled. Others changed everything. Which one will the blockchain be?
Where is the potential for disruption greatest while the drawbacks are most manageable?
If the blockchain revolution fizzles, what will be the likely causes? And how do we nip them in the bud?

Today we're making our networks
and insights work for you!

Here are just some of the ventures we ve helped get traction and investment recently: