eBay“RampRate was a risk-free proposition money-wise. If they didn’t save or create us at least twice their initial fee we’d get a full refund. And with 100 big-name clients, there had to be something there. But I was worried that in negotiating lower rates they might undermine my key relationships. When they came in and said they could carve out 27% savings and optimizing contracts, I thought it was impossible without undermining key relationships. But they hit that number and the relationships are stronger than ever.”

Paul Santana, Manager of Data Center Operations, eBay

Accenture“I have had the pleasure of working with the crew at RampRate several times. Each time they have saved significant time in negotiating and closing contracts for data center space, telecom and managed services, which provided at least 20% savings over what we could have done alone and certainly cut processes in half. Tony and team are extremely knowledgeable in this space and always bring innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to the table.”

Michael Montalto, Accenture

Sony Corporation“I engaged Ramprate to work as sourcing advisors to Sony Music. Since engaging them they have helped me significantly reduce my cost structure through several major outsourcing deals worth deep 8 figures. RampRate’s, hard work, diligence and attention to detail are phenomenal. All in all, they made me look like a hero to my executive management. They are a secret weapon.”

Peter Borner, former head of IT Sony

Microsoft, Windows Marketing“RampRate helped us cut the clutter, gain insight and distill our team’s thoughts for over 50 digital media, IT and product studies. Their access to global top-level non-Microsoft executives, their granular bottom-up approach, and their understanding of our corporate strategy differentiate their offering. RampRate is an invaluable partner for us.” 

Gary Share, Microsoft, Windows Marketing and Product