The SPY INDEX fuels the tank and our platform drives your optimization.

Risk disappears

More than 99% of the deals we facilitate for you make it to contract.

Ramp-up timelines are drastically cut

Weeks or even months are cut from your management and legal approval processes.

Costs are slashed too

New procurement, mid-contract negotiations and renewal savings average 23.8% over baseline data.


RampRate’s Historical Data

  • 150,000+ quotes from hundreds of transactions
  • Ongoing client inputs on actual performance

Analyst “Research-View”

  • Industry trends/best practices vendor ratings
  • Inputs from brand names (Gartner/IDC, etc.) and specialists (e.g. Telegeography, 451)

Supplier Capabilities

  • Services data, list prices and actual quotes
  • Pre-loaded database of over 1,000 vendors

Customer Experience

  • Primary research on customer satisfaction
  • Ongoing end-user interview program

Cultural Compatibility

  • Cultural fit matching of clients and vendors
  • Alignment on dimensions like corporate social responsibility and energy efficiency
The SPY Index

The SPY INDEX™ easily and quickly matches buyer needs with IT service providers in a vendor-neutral analysis.

This massive database cross references your highly configurable buying criteria against the world’s most accurate and comprehensive database of IT vendor and market information.

It helps buyers by taking the guesswork out of vendor selection and contract negotiations. It helps sellers by making certain that they will see only those buyers whose requirements actual capabilities.

The output of the SPY INDEX™ is a real, actionable market price for a given set of services and a rating of how well a vendor’s service matches your requirements.

The SPY INDEX™ compares millions of data points encompassing everything from price/service level to financial stability to cultural compatibility to environmental considerations.

Our matching system is built on more than 10 years of industry experience that has unlocked billions in savings and revenue opportunities for both clients and service providers worldwide. The SPY INDEX™ provides near real-time intelligence on more than 350 vendors, in 80 countries and 200 metro regions, for 20 different IT service types.