Introducing the RampRate Collaboration Program

Here’s the deal.

If IT infrastructure sourcing were simple, you’d offer your service and when the fit was right, RampRate would advise clients to do the deal. Everyone in the loop could then go focus on other matters.

But it’s not simple. It’s competitive and complex. We need to find a way to win together by collaborating, and thereby create a win/win/win for your business, our business, and our mutual clients.

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Here are a select group from among the more than 400 service providers in our partner ecosystem.

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Paul Santana, Manager of Data Center Operations, eBay
“RampRate was a risk-free proposition money-wise. If they didn’t save or create us at least twice their initial fee we’d get a full refund. And with 100 big-name clients, there had to be something there. But I was worried that in negotiating lower rates they might undermine my key relationships. When they came in and said they could carve out 27% savings and optimizing contracts, I thought it was impossible without undermining key relationships. But they hit that number and the relationships are stronger than ever.”
Manager of Data Center OperationseBay