Frictionless IT Infrastructure Evolution


Executive Summary

Whether it’s moving from colocation to cloud, terminating a non-performing supplier, or building a new global voice and data network, changes in IT infrastructure are necessary, and their pace is accelerating. They also are painful and costly due to market friction, which includes unforeseen risk and cost, drains on internal resources, blown deadlines, and rapid evolution of rates and terms that has even the most skilled buyers leave money on the table.

RampRate’s HyperSource IT platform removes that friction and lets buyers of IT services tackle imperative changes with ease. On average, its impact across 125 customers and billions in IT spend over the last 14 years has included:

  • Forecasts accurate to within 10% or less of the final outcome, including transition cost/impact
  • 24% cost reductions, redirected to high impact new projects
  • 80% faster time to executable contracts
  • An early termination rate of less than 1% and lifetime support for dispute resolution in any facilitated deal
  • An average of 1,000+ hours saved for client staff per project, including a 50%+ reduction in legal resources

The platform achieves these goals through four software modules supported by RampRate’s expert advisory service:

  • Inform—understand what services you’re using and how much they cost
  • Interpret—compare your current state to best in class and best fit outcomes to set a target for change
  • Optimize—create the right service architecture and performance measurement for your business needs
  • Execute—build the optimal outsourced provider relationship(s) to implement that architecture

Underlying each of these modules is an unparalleled level of “street-level” data on rates and terms achieved by best in class peers, extensive provider intelligence that maps the strengths and weaknesses of more than 1,100 global suppliers, and the power of RampRate’s access to low-overhead wholesale buying channels with more than 450 of those providers.