eBay Measures Energy Consumption with Digital Service Efficiency

eBay Though it’s well understood you can’t manage what you don’t measure, the vast majority of enterprises don’t track the energy efficiency of their IT operations.

Firms spend tens of millions of dollars on data centers and energy usage, but seldom explore meaningful ways to manage this energy spend.

It gets shrugged off as “the cost of doing business.”

Enter digital service efficiency.

In early 2013, eBay announced its Digital Service Efficiency (DSE) initiative and introduced a new metric. They explained in a post, Designing an Efficiency Metric, “We wanted to know if the data centers and computer systems were being used at the highest level of productivity and how to make them even more efficient.”

On an “about” page, written to explain the dashboard, eBay states:

Digital Service Efficiency offers a straight forward approach to measuring the overall performance of the engine, its technical infrastructure, across four key business priorities: performance, cost, environmental impact, and revenue.