Finance What are our peers paying for IT? If less than us, why?

Finance Are you carrying a 20-pound weight around your neck when starting the race? Lean is mean, and RampRate has the data and relationships to show you exactly where you stand versus others. Of course, we’d never identify specific companies, but we show you specifically how your spending compares to industry and like-size business.

If you’re paying too much, it means one of two things: Your contracts have not kept pace with the market, or your contracts were negotiated with imperfect knowledge of the real prices being paid in today’s market.

Where can I make cuts without hurting performance?

RampRate’s SPY Index™ goes way beyond cost. We collect and source data points on hundreds of criteria including tax environment, client satisfaction, and even corporate citizenship (no nasty surprises).

You’re assured you’re working with the best suppliers – and at the same time you know you’re getting the best market price from your suppliers.