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Network Edge
The Emerging Edge: Extending Cloud to Network Edge
Extending Cloud

Cloud innovation continues apace, with new ways arising for both cost-and performance conscious enterprises. Digital infrastructure is seeing a blurring of what is a core data center and what is network edge – balancing the tradeoffs between bandwidth requirements and cloud workload demand requirements. This creates new options that fit your competing priorities such as security, pricing, performance, and flexibility – and may also just add unneeded complexity. How will your digital enterprise understand and articulate your requirements, options, and the data you need to drive cloud and compute sourcing decisions?

With the recent evolution to fog computing and cloudlets, scattered micro data centers are now becoming en vogue, and in some cases, are seamlessly tied to direct-connect capacity from the giants of the world like AWS and Azure.

This brings yet another set of compelling options to the table, and has spinoff impact ranging from performance to more on-premise or close-premise managed services.. Suppliers are offering to build more flexibility across the board – from location to processing power to network freedom and overall configuration.

Extending Cloud

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