Impact Bio - Tony Greenberg

Tony brings decades of experience in harnessing technology and analytics to create, measure, and refine social impact initiatives. He has contributed to impact efforts as the founder of the top sourcing advisor for billions of dollar of  IT infrastructure (RampRate), an investor and advisory board member for multiple impact-focused startups, driver of governance for the DAO and crypto space and in personal projects ranging from support for innovative mental health and psychedelic alternative treatment approaches, to sponsorship of schools in rural India and afterschool programs in LA, to advising the largest charitable effort of the cryptocurrency community, to early stage investments in India’s leading social impact fund. Tony’s core competency is in aligning social impact programs with each enterprise’s strategy and culture and creating auditable statistical proof of positive impact in a world that is often filled with greenwashing and unintended side effects.

Since founding RampRate in 2000, Tony has brought transparency and governance to the opaque and often corrupt technology sales process and ensured that ESG / CSR factors were included in billions of dollars buying decisions of large enterprises such as eBay, Sony, CBS, and 250+ others. Led by Tony, RampRate’s team has also ran dozens of  custom social impact strategy projects, including Microsoft’s corporate citizenship strategy in the UK, a collective commitment to reduce emissions across enterprise data centers under the auspices of the Clinton Global Initiative, and a digital service efficiency dashboard for eBay that brought unprecedented transparency in measuring and minimizing the carbon footprint of the company’s IT function. For the last 5 years, RampRate has also guided blockchain companies away from energy-intensive proof-of-work projects to proof-of-stake and similar carbon-reducing paths.

As an investor, advisor, and board member, Tony focuses on projects that are transformative in their potential. His list of investments and advisory clients includes blockchain technologies that democratize access to investment and reduce the potential for corruption, network technologies that provide privacy against oppressive regimes, projects measuring the provenance and effectiveness of natural medicine, and product & supplier vetting tools to help consumers vote for positive social impact with their wallets. He has also been an early-stage investor in impact-focused funds such as Unitus Ventures. Tony has founded two early-stage startups in this area – with one focused on identifying and removing waste in corporate data centers and a consultancy targeted to creating measurable improvements in CSR score. He is currently an emissary to Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Centre, a confidential  health and wellness distribution entity, and various advisories for  altruistic decentralization efforts and projects, such as DevXDao. 

In his youth, Greenberg built and sold a boutique retail optical chain that provided  services that revenues over $1500/sq ft.