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Social Impact and Human Rights Bio - Tony Greenberg

Tony brings a wealth of experience in leveraging technology and analytics to drive meaningful social impact and champion human rights. With a compassionate spirit, he has dedicated decades to initiatives that make a difference in people’s lives. As the founder of RampRate, a renowned sourcing advisor for IT infrastructure, Tony has played a pivotal role in ensuring billions of dollars are allocated to impactful endeavors. His involvement as an advisory board member for numerous impact-focused startups showcases his commitment to fostering positive change.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Tony has personally undertaken projects to support innovative mental health approaches and alternative treatments, as well as sponsorship programs for schools in rural India and afterschool initiatives in Los Angeles. He has also lent his expertise to advise the largest charitable effort in the blockchain community and made early-stage investments in India’s leading social impact fund,, and, which are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs working towards human rights.

Tony’s exceptional skill lies in aligning social impact programs with the core strategies and values of organizations, while ensuring statistical evidence of their positive effects. In a world often plagued by greenwashing and unintended consequences, he strives for transparency and accountability. Recently, Tony facilitated a multi-million dollar grant for the Xprize Foundation, enabling the transformation of individuals through a community platform that allows them to vote for social impact projects.

Currently, Tony is actively involved in securing indigenous tribal rights for licensing products and services across Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Africa. He passionately co-creates social programs to uplift small villages, fostering empowerment and progress.

Since the inception of RampRate in 2000, Tony has revolutionized the technology sales process by introducing transparency and governance. His tireless efforts have ensured that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), are integral to the decision-making process of major enterprises such as eBay, Sony, CBS, and more. Under Tony’s leadership, RampRate has undertaken numerous custom social impact strategy projects, including Microsoft’s corporate citizenship strategy in the UK and initiatives like blind compute—a collective commitment to reducing carbon emissions in enterprise data centers. Notably, Tony spearheaded the development of a digital service efficiency dashboard for eBay, providing unprecedented transparency in measuring and minimizing the company’s IT function’s carbon footprint, ultimately driving eco-conscious computing solutions.

Over the past decade, Tony and RampRate have guided Fortune 500 companies towards sustainable practices, advocating for the transition from energy-intensive proof-of-work projects to more environmentally friendly alternatives like proof-of-stake. By actively promoting social programs centered around climate change reduction, Tony endeavors to safeguard the environment while catalyzing positive change.

As an activist, advisor, and board member, Tony dedicates his efforts to transformative projects that champion human rights and empower individuals. His advisory clients span various domains, from technologies that democratize access to investment and combat corruption, to network technologies that protect privacy against oppressive regimes. Tony also supports projects focused on measuring the efficacy of natural medicine and developing tools for consumers to make socially impactful choices. In addition, he has taken early-stage investment opportunities in impact-focused funds like Unitus Ventures.

Currently, Tony serves as an emissary to Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Centre, a confidential health and wellness distribution entity. He is also engaged in various advisory roles, contributing his expertise to altruistic decentralization efforts and projects such as DevXDao, where his insights drive positive change.

In summary, Tony’s compassionate flair and unwavering commitment to social impact and human rights make him a driving force in transforming lives and promoting positive change. Through his diverse initiatives, he strives to create a more equitable and compassionate world.