In today’s information economy, reputation matters, and your company’s reputation is closely tied to the company it keeps.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important watchword in the C-Suite for many organizations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When you sign a deal with a data center partner, you may inadvertently double your company’s carbon footprint – or cut it in half. You can associate yourself with an offshore partner raising the standards of living in a remote place, or one getting caught in governance scandals.

Bringing the Best Resources to Bear RampRate has been working on reducing data center emissions through increasing visibility for responsible operators since 2007 to bring more breadth to the picture and cover governance, employee treatment and other forms of alignment with best practices, we have partnered with CSRHub, which aggregates more than 150 different data sources to rank more than 5,000 providers on their performance.

We have also integrated other data sources as appropriate, including Greenpeace’s influential “How Clean is Your Cloud” report. If you’re a RampRate customer using our HyperSource.IT! platform to buy IT services, all you have to do is add the right weights to the new Industry and Community Fit of your scorecard – we will do the rest and incorporate social responsibility (CSR) metrics into the final decision.

If you’re interested in a more detailed breakdown, or want to see how your own scores are shaped by CSR, RampRate and CSRHub we also offer standard and custom reports to drive more precise measurement and improvement programs. Simply contact your client engagement manager or for more details.


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“When we first contacted RampRate, we were happy with our current provider but unsure of their ability to scale with our growth. We turned to RampRate for help in sorting out the market specifically as it relates to our needs for scalability and performance. The difficult part for us was making the final decision to split with our current provider (with whom I’ve done many years of business) or move on the deal RampRate had put together for us. Our previous provider couldn’t touch the price or level of service I was receiving with RampRate and in the end it was a no-brainer. Within 30 hours of our decision-making, we were fully installed and up and running. Not only did RampRate save us an incredible amount of time, resources, and money, but also we know we have the best possible solution for our needs now and far beyond.”