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Blockchain Audit Services

After 17 years of buying, building, and negotiating infrastructure; and 6 years of helping cryptocurrency operations, RampRate is uniquely qualified to audit and validate a blockchain project / ICO for:

1. Proof of presence – hosting, server, network, and software infrastructure to prove that the blockchain has been deployed on infrastructure capable of processing transactions at scale.
2. Fit to purpose – that the infrastructure and software you have built can support (or scale to support) the design outlined in your white paper and marketing materials.
3. Scale, latency, and resiliency – that the design you are contemplating will perform under a variety of network and facility conditions, including outages and unforeseen latency fluctuations.
4. Security and QA – white hat penetration testing, identification of unpatched vulnerabilities in the software stack, misalignment between intent and execution of a smart contract, and identification of bugs.
5. Financial soundness – KYC / AML of funding sources and major customers; collateralization analysis for stablecoins

Potential Audiences

With a 3-8 week review we can present an attestation of the all or a subset of these elements in an objective report for one or more of the following audiences:

Blockchain / ICO operators 
to execute better, prove the soundness of their roadmap to current / prospective investors, customers, developers, and partners, and limit the impact of perceived operational risk on their valuation

Current & prospective investors in ICOs 
to validate the soundness of their investment, maximize the chance of a positive outcome, and react promptly if their investments are at risk of fraud or poor execution

Regulators and exchanges that need to ensure the soundness of a coin before allowing it to be traded within their sphere of control

This attestation can be delivered publicly or privately; in writing or an on-site presentation. To ensure that our attestation is not misused, all subsequent citations must include the entire document or an approved extract.


Areas Validated

  • White paper clarity and thoroughness on infrastructure design
  • Implementation plan for primary ledger nodes (and witness nodes is design is multi-tier)
  • Match of white paper to the implementation plan
  • Maturity of technical planning processes
  • Verification of commercial relationships with hosting, network, and hardware suppliers
  • Verification of specific contracts for each of the nodes
  • Verification of hardware purchase & delivery documents
  • Verification of ledger node accessibility via a public network and/or VPN
  • Assessment of reputation of selected blockchain framework (if pre-existing)
  • Depth of modifications to blockchain framework
  • Physical infrastructure fit to planned and current transaction volume
  • Scalability of infrastructure contracts
  • Maturity of software code implementation
  • Performance under simulated real-world conditions
  • Performance under simulated stress conditions such as outages and undersea fiber cuts previously seen
  • Performance under simulated extreme stress conditions such as major natural disasters
  • Penetration testing
  • Smart contract audit to ensure it is performing what both parties intend for it to perform
  • Bug identification
  • Financial due diligence on major transactions and funding sources
  • Asset backing of a stablecoin


  • Internal findings outlining potential deficiencies for comment and correction
  • External findings including your comments/responses/remediation plans for any deficiencies
  • Your team has the option to delay or stop publication if the initial review is unfavorable
  • Delivery and Q&A to an investor, client, and/or developer audience (remote or in-person)