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Impact Advisory | Scope of Services

Strategic Impact Planning & Program Design

If you don’t know where you’re going, why, and how, you probably won’t get there - our strategic impact planning and program design services help clients maintain clarity and focus in achieving results even as conditions change.

Impact Strategy Planning


Need and Context Assessment


Stakeholder Analysis & Coordination


Scenario Planning & Purpose Alignment


Corporate Social Responsibility 


Mission, Vision & Values


Sector Research & Benchmarking


Results Framework & Theory of Change


Measurement Framework Development


ESG Framework


In the complex environments in which innovative businesses operate, effective strategic planning and agile program design are essential to create impact and value for communities. We help buidling top-notch impact strategies that identify desired outcomes, making the best choices based on clear, defensible criteria, while our planning approach provides orderliness and discipline to put strategy and design into action for the most sustainable outcomes.

Organizational & Workforce Development (through the lens of Social Impact)

Every business now should be designed to fulfill a purpose and create value. We could help generate higher levels of performance by harnessing human potential and strengtheing business operational capabilities.

Management Consulting & Advisory Services


Thought Leadership Development


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 


Talent Attraction Planning


Collaborative Work Culture


Ecosystem Growth


Organizational and workforce development involves the complex art and science of diagnosing, aligning, and improving business capabilities through strategy, leadership, human capital, culture, and systems, and then institutionalizing change processes for higher performance. We address complex issues through effective solutions that are rooted in data, respect, and shared ownership. We partner with clients for results, offering business process mapping, stakeholder consultation, scenario-based planning, and tailored needs assessments. We also specialize in behavior change, using metrics and learning-driven data to shape small and large organizational efforts by tapping into leadership and change agents and supporting them in making change “stick.”

Impact Reporting & Monitoring

We offer expertise and innovative performance and context monitoring/reporting services to help clients collect and use the evidence they need to showcase their impact.

Monitoring Framework 


Impact Reporting   


Impact Measurement Framework


Project/Activity Monitoring


Dashboard Development (including via third party services)


Human-centered Metrics & KPIs


Monitoring and reporting provides structured, routine data to inform implementation and adapt development interventions for increased effectiveness. This regular tracking and examination of implementation, results, and environmental changes provides rapid feedback that funders and investors (as well as other stakeholders, including communities that are benefiting from your social impact initiatives) need to assess progress and refine their strategies and programming.

Fit for Purpose Evaluation

We provide a range of evaluation solutions to optimize design and methods based on the evaluation question that needs to be answered and within the available resources pool

Impact Evaluation & Measurement


Performance Assessment


Meta Evaluation


Data Collection Strategy


Developmental Evaluation


Ex-Post Evaluation


Building structured evaluation mechanisms into your social impact strategy sends your stakeholders the message that you are interested in and have incorporated what they have to say and offers a transparent process for them to acknowledge the realized impact values. Evaluation can also be used to illuminate unexpected outcomes and at times, challenge some of the basic assumptions about a certain impact model or target population that may be made during impact strategy planning.

Research & Analysis

Our research and analysis services answer critical questions for clients in order to improve their brand and marketing strategy and help achieve their best potential through delivering social benefits to the people and the planet.

Industry Research & Analysis 


Sector Assessments


Network Analysis & Growth


Survey Research


Social Inclusion Analysis


Marketing Strategy Review & Meta-Analysis