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Welcome to RampRate

We’re excited to introduce the best practices and protocols for RampRate clients in order to maximize your outcomes, create exponential value, and ensure a successful relationship.

Below are the RampRate structures and processes in place that are intended to centralize all communications related to our actions and delivery for you. The more friction we can remove upfront, the more successful we will all be.

1. Project Tracking

  • RampRate diligently tracks your project’s progress and important information. This tracker will be reviewed at a minimum weekly with your team. Your Project Manager will provide you with this information immediately upon becoming a RampRate client.
  • The RampRate team utilizes Basecamp as a means to track action items, files, notes, and important emails. If the client has a different preferred method of communication, RampRate is happy to use what is easiest for the client.
  • Call notes and follow-up action will be taken on all calls by RampRate and be distributed through Basecamp or other preferred platforms.

2. Your Dedicated RampRate Team

  • You will be assigned a Project Manager, Analyst, and Business Development Lead and provided contact information for your team on the project tracker.
  • Tony Greenberg will be involved to execute strategic relationships.

3. The Client Team

  • On the project tracker, please provide contact information (linkedIn, emails, phone numbers, telegram accounts, Slack, Skype, etc) for key team members that will be relevant to this project.
  • You will be asked to provide a specific designated finance/operations contact.

4. Status Calls

  • The project team will establish a weekly or twice-weekly call as needed. The call will require all relevant team members from both RampRate and the Client.
  • The purpose of this call is to track the status of the project and address any outstanding items.

5. Daily Communication

  • A member of the RampRate team is generally available from 7 am PST to 7 pm PST.
  • For daily communication and as a backchannel on calls, RampRate utilizes Slack. RampRate will integrate the client into their Slack channel unless they have a different preferred method.
  • RampRate utilizes Zoom for video calls and UberConference for conference calls.
  • Your project team will establish an email address specific to your project team at RampRate to be copied on all external communications.
  • Tony Greenberg is best by appointment through your Project Manager or Tony’s assistant at These appointments will be 30 minutes. Please send all materials for review in advance. Tony is also reachable on WhatsApp, Text, and Telegram depending on the amount of time committed to you in the contract.
  • Additional RampRate team contact details can be found on your project tracker.

6. Data Storage/Data Room

  • RampRate will set-up and share a Google Drive to share data between teams unless the client has a different preferred method.
  • RampRate utilizes DocSend to upload and send decks in order to protect data and track viewers. Please do not send decks in an editable file.

7. Other Technologies/Platforms

  • RampRate utilizes SalesForce, HubSpot, and PipeDrive.
  • RampRate is able to train the client on these platforms or provide recommendations to the client if preferred.
  • RampRate requests access to the client’s CRM for purposes of information.

8. Expectations

  • RampRate will move as quickly as possible and has the same expectation for their clients. In order to ensure timely responses, please ensure to clearly define roles and assign specific contacts for each deliverable.
  • RampRate is excited to put our relationships on the line. We cannot always guarantee that targets will be responsive or receptive but we will do our best and our expectation is that you will be persistent in your follow-up and you include your project team, through your project email in all related communications.

9. RFI/Data Collection

Immediately upon beginning as a client of RampRate, we request to see all relevant files including but not limited to:

  • Any relevant decks including a pitch deck and a money deck
  • Cap table
  • Origination documents
  • Token agreements
  • Advisor agreements
  • Financial tables
  • Contracts and AP records for Managed Services, Software, CDN, Co-lo, Data Center, and Cloud Services
The purpose of this is to give us a better understanding of your business as well as help you improve upon these documents where necessary as well as provide sourcing when deemed necessary. A list of these requests is listed in the project tracker under the “RFI” tab.

10. Target Engagement

  • RampRate will track all targets for engagement in the project tracker under the “target tracking” tab.
  • All communications with targets should copy the project team designated email.
  • RampRate will make introductions and the client is responsible for follow-up and scheduling.

11. Key Competitors

In order to allow RampRate to properly introduce and engage targets, RampRate needs to establish a baseline of the market you represent, the market size, and where the competition comes from. The Key Competitors will be tracked on the “key competitors” tab of the project tracker and the client is expected to share this information and a competitive matrix when available.

12. Review Services

RampRate would like the opportunity to provide insight and strategic input on all business development deals, public announcements, press releases, proposals, app development, and other materials.

13. Free-flowing Share of Information

When RampRate associates publicly with a client, there is an expectation that we are well-informed of the inner workings. As such, RampRate expects to be informed of major events in the company in a timely manner including but not limited to:

  • Shifts in stock or token price
  • Change in management
  • Personnel changes
  • Analyst Reports

14. Job Descriptions

  • In building your team, RampRate can provide strategic insight on job descriptions and reaching through our network.
  • RampRate highly recommends using a database such a resumator or Jazz HR in order to correctly filter and categorize applicants.

RampRate expects that within 90 days, we will be able to provide substantial support and improvement to your business.
We look forward to working together.

RampRate Team