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RampRate is here to help you find the best cost, highest value IT outsourced services by cutting through the noise and getting down to business.

A division manager often has pressure from corporate IT or others who want you to buy centrally. For example, you may be asked to stick with the “company-standard” even if it seems obvious that it’s not best for the business.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I find the right suppliers and get them approved?

Slide 1 We collect and source data points on hundreds of supplier selection and service location criteria including tax environment, client satisfaction, and even corporate citizenship (no nasty surprises).  You’re assured you’re working with the best suppliers – and at the same time you know you’re getting the best market price from your suppliers. We’ll identify and work with known-good suppliers to bring you data to make the right decision.  We’ll even negotiation directly with suppliers on your behalf using all the skill gained from negotiating thousands of contracts over more than a decade. The most compelling basis for a decision is built on facts. RampRate can help you build a case you’re confident is the best one.

How can I justify my IT budget to the CFO?

If your CFO is anything like most CFOs, he or she will respond to facts more than anything else.  Anecdotal information has no place in an IT budget – and your CFO knows it. RampRate can arm you with factual, hard data that promotes sound decision-making.  Your CFO will love it.

IT says my time or cost goals are impossible. Are they?

RampRate is unique in that we don’t start a project from square one.  We maintain a very comprehensive database, the SPY Index™, which allows us to shortcut the time usually spent evaluating and sourcing a project to a few weeks, not several months. Plus, you’ll never have to guess if your cost goals are reasonable – we’ll show you benchmark data so that you know for sure what is realistic.  It’s data, not opinion.

What are my competitors / peers paying?

Are you carrying a 20-pound weight around your neck when starting the race? Lean is mean, and RampRate has the data and relationships to show you exactly where you stand versus others.  Of course, we’d never identify specific companies, but we will show you specifically how your spending – on internal or external services — compares to industry and like-size business. If you’re paying too much it could mean one of several things:  Your costs have not kept pace with the market, or external suppliers contracts were negotiated with imperfect knowledge of real prices being paid in the market today, or your internal service organization is simply not as efficient as comparable external alternatives.

How do I justify buying outside of corporate IT?

Being armed with hard data and irrefutable facts gives you the ability to drive the right arrangements for your business.  We’ll benchmark your internal IT services cost and service levels against outside suppliers and supply you with reports that will prove your case definitively.

Am I getting a good deal from shared services?

It’s impossible to evaluate internal chargeback fees without comparison to the open market.  It’s unlikely your corporate IT group operates as a profit center, but without external benchmarks, where is the accountability? If you want to know for sure your charges and contracts are fair, consider getting a free benchmark from RampRate.  We’ll show you clearly how your costs stack up against others in your industry and across the globe.

How will RampRate help me cut through the noise?

We can bring clarity to the equation and use data to substitute for what sometimes seems like a turf battle. We’ll help you make decisions – and support your decisions to management and internal stakeholders in your business. RampRate’s exclusive SPY Index™ contains over a million data point covering IT service costs and contract terms across the globe. Our focused sourcing methodology is right-​​sized to help you identify the right solutions and get the right prices far sooner than typical enterprise sourcing processing.

RampRate helps the IT Manager source new services, or address shortfalls in existing suppliers contracts.

How often do you have to research a complex data center project, managed services engagement or major telecom rework? RampRate delivers multiple projects like these every day.  In fact, we’ve done hundreds of major sourcing projects and thousands of transactions all over the world in the last 10 years. And we kept the data and organized it all into our SPY Index™ system. There’s nothing like it in the world. SPY Index gives our clients visibility into price points, service level commitments and contract terms. You could start from scratch working with only what suppliers tell you. Or you could get the facts from an objective source.

Frequently asked questions:

How can I be a hero in this job?

Just consider RampRate your personal staff.  Using us to develop a sourcing solution, you’ll be able to provide results and hard facts to management that some might assume only come from above your pay grade.  When you present your findings, you’ll have professional materials that make it clear you’re prepared and confident in your decision.

How do I avoid analysis paralysis from execs?

Division ManagerThis is easy:  Arrive at the best solution to a problem, armed with all the factual data you need to support your decision. RampRate will help you to be prepared to address all the questions that arise, and demonstrate to executive management that you’ve done the work to find the right answers.

How can I get approved to buy what we need?

Reluctance to approve a purchase is directly proportional to the level of risk involved.  With RampRate, you will walk in to a budget meeting with organized, concrete and indisputable data that your decision is the right one.

How do I justify / manage my budget in the face of cuts?

Getting the absolute best price for services you require is a given with RampRate’s street-price view from SPYIndex™.  Comparing costs to hundreds of recent transactions made for the same services gives you complete confidence to make decisions — and support your decisions to upper management.

How can I execute quickly on changing business needs?

You might expect a 2 to 3 month cycle as you invite suppliers to bid, answer questions, parse the responses, and enter and close contract & SLA requirements.  Instead, RampRate consistently cuts the process to as little as 2 weeks with our database of over 450 major suppliers in the IT space.  You’ll quickly see extremely comprehensive conclusions supported by detailed comparative data.  Our recommendations are then reported to you with written material and graphical charts supporting your decisions.

Division Manager – Where can I find the right suppliers for a new project?

Our database contains real-world pricing and service information on over 450 IT suppliers around the world – and it’s growing every day.  RampRate can cut the hassle of finding the right suppliers to invite to bid and steer you directly to the suppliers we already know can service your individual requirements at the right cost structure.

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