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Join Our Supplier Partner Program

RampRate’s Supplier Partner network includes the biggest, most successful IT Industry businesses in the world. Each dedicated to performance and value on behalf of their clients.

After a careful vetting process including real-world evaluation of strengths and specialties, RampRate’s connections with our Supplier Partners help end-user clients form effective and cost-appropriate relationships quickly while removing doubt and uncertainty from the buying process for all parties.

Cut Customer Acquisition Costs, Cut Sales Cycle Times

  • Leads delivered to you are already very well qualified, with a strong, clear definition of technical and business requirements. No more redundant or unclear RFP questions.
  • Clients are ready to buy, with concrete timelines, and fast time-​​​​to-​​​​decision.
  • IT Supplier Partners convert over one-third of RampRate delivered opportunities in less than half the time of their typical sales cycle.

Generate Revenue from Less Viable Leads

  • Refer or introduce RampRate to dying or stalled leads where clients undervalue your offering
  • Monetize leads you may have for opportunities in IT Services that are outside of your offering, or for deal sizes above or below your target range

Ensure a Fair and Unbiased Evaluation by Clients

  • Be confident of a level playing field. Don’t be shut out at the last second by-product giveaways, backdoor dealings, or someone unfairly discrediting your bid.
  • Highlight your relevance to the opportunity through precise RFQs.
  • Guaranteed client objectivity in the requirements gathering, product matching, due diligence, RFQ analysis, and reference processes.

Receive In-Depth Feedback on Sales Process

  • Understand clearly the key metrics needed to win the deal.
  • Understand clearly the key concerns of the client that are communicated to all competitors equally.
  • Post-​​​​deal, learn why you won or lost, including price deltas

Faster Sales, New Clients, Unbiased Support

RampRate’s IT Supplier Partner Program is designed to help grow our Supplier Partners’ sales and long-​​​​term growth by building consistently valuable outsourcing contracts with RampRate’s sourcing clients. And, we provide Supplier Partners with an important additional channel to generate revenue when referring new business to RampRate.

First, our IT Supplier Partner Program is founded on collecting information about capabilities on a bi-annual basis. This data becomes an important part of RampRate’s proprietary SPY Index™ database and helps us match Suppliers to clients. Suppliers are granted web access to view and co-manage their SPY Index profile to ensure that, as the Supplier evolves, new services will be included. In addition, RampRate is constantly updating SPY Index to reflect capabilities, policies and programs from each Supplier Partner.

IT Supplier Application Form - No Commitments, No Strings Attached

There is no fee to become a IT Supplier Partner and to start receiving qualified leads for relevant opportunities.

Becoming a RampRate IT Supplier Partner does not commit you to anything. You may always refuse to pursue leads referred to you by RampRate. You are not obligated to provide RampRate with any leads. There are no strings attached.

Your firm will, however, be subject to rigorous due diligence before approval to ensure your services, reputation, and internal processes are of the highest quality.

As a RampRate IT Supplier Partners you will gain

  • Reduction of the sales cycle from several months, to in some cases, just a few weeks
  • Reduction in client acquisition costs
  • Inclusion in the SPY Index™, providing clients with information about your company and service offering
  • Open and honest feedback from our clients at the conclusion of each project
  • Post-deal analysis: why you won or lost, including price deltas
  • Working with RampRate increases the success rate for each project

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