The Cryptocurrency Mining Market is Rapidly Evolving, and Increasingly Volatile

While opportunities abound, protecting yourself and your investments is key in this ever-changing environment

RampRate can help you navigate with ease

With a trusted pool of supplier partners and advisors, our network can help source and mitigate the best solution for your growing mining business.

Ensure the safety and soundness of your decisions with unmatched due diligence and support for mining services.

CEO: IT Should Deliver Value. Without Risk

Deep Supplier Due Diligence

– Financial Metrics – ensures reliable history and future security

– Technical Capabilities – find the right match for your specific needs

– Reputational Factors – key in an emerging and volatile market

– Tax and Regulatory Audit – understand the specific conditions

– Risk Assessment – geographical, financial, & reputational

Strategy Consulting & Supplier Selection

– Single-source vs multi-supplier solution tailored to your needs

– Solution scalability / extensibility based on your growth factors

– Contractual commitments in your favor

– Geography / tax jurisdiction most suitable for your business

– Payment models up front vs over time; cash vs cryptocurrency

We Navigate the Best Solution For You

CEO: IT Should Deliver Value. Without Risk

Sourcing I Strategy I Growth I Stability I Confidence


How Do We Get Started?

1. Requirements Gathering to understand your needs

2. Strategy Consulting confirms alignment and growth options

3. Initial Supplier Outreach / RFI  to best match suppliers to your solution

4. Deployment Roadmap for step by step guidance to your goals


We would be happy to share with you our experiences and help you understand
the potential opportunities involved in achieving your goals.

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