Bringing strategic planning skills and the trust that only time can buy, to the most innovative & impact-focused startups, through:


Examine core claims to ensure transparency & honesty.


Professional guidance from business basics to advanced team alignment.


Tactical blueprints from UI, to the platform, to feature roadmap.


Elevation from the elevator pitch to the investor deck.


Defining how you’ll make the world better.


Finding transformational leaders to join you.

A one-stop-shop to align sourcing around impact. Every buying decision is a vote to advance your ideals or compromise them.

Syzygy makes that choice easy by:


Reveal the impact personality of your organization – is it focused on the environment, people, or governance? Internal or external constituencies? Getting back to nature or faith in technical progress?


Calibrate the incentives in your organization with your impact personality to ensure that doing good is everyone’s job.


Connect with partners who share your ideals and will do the right thing without being forced.

RampRate A Team Impact Story

A Word from RampRate A Team

Our team has a key role to play demonstrating that doing good work and branching out to build stronger bridges across the spectrum of capital to mobilize resources that are not traditionally social impact oriented and could make the difference (e.g. Web3, NFTs, DAOs, Metaverse, social tokens, blockchains, crypto mining, etc.) That’s why we speak with a louder and more unified voice about both the unique role innovation can play to achieve transformative and sustainable systemic change, and what is needed to unlock more resources.

We urge investors, businesses, philanthropists, institutions, politicians, individuals and civil society at large, all have a role to play if together we want to drive a healthier, more just and inclusive world for the next generations to come.

Now is the time. No crystal ball required to see into the future. With social challenges multiplying, yet too few solutions operating at a large scale, the world needs more highly-engaged and patient business leaders and innovators, just like us, taking bold risks to build the Ecosystem and more financial and non-financial resources to support and nurture social impact.

Our Story

For over two decades, RampRate team has helped companies innovate and grow. We can proudly say that we have championed our clients to become influential, important, and inspiring businesses. Since 2000, our team has coordinated complex decisions and driven corporate strategy sourcing from corrupt and opaque business-as-usual to transparency, innovation and impact. Today and every day we strive to continue delivering success and elevate the way business does business.

As our world has entered the new innovation era in ways not possible until recently, RampRate team quickly adjusted and used the same connections that allowed us to cut 24% of each IT budget we had touched and use them to kick down the barriers for tech innovators. We realized that we could take the same business planning rigor that we used to guide Sony, McKinsey, Microsoft or Intel on entering new markets and use it to help impact-driven companies reach their potential.

So that’s what we’re doing today at Syzygy Impact powered by RampRate – we find the next unicorns and gatekeepers to impact that will not just earn millions yet better millions of lives. We grok their vision while putting them through bootcamp to be ready for life-changing opportunities. And then we kick down the barriers to their success by connecting them with our Syzygy ecosystem and leveraging the trust we’ve built in the Fortune 1000 over 20 plus years to create opportunities few others can access. We’re bringing around true values that benefit the people and the planet through powering purpose-driven innocation.

If we take any industry, any societal problem, and as we tackle the biggest world’s issues, it is the power of connected innovation to make a difference and give us our breakthroughs. Syzygy Impact powered by RampRate has the tools to tackle big (and stubbornly small) challenges in collective environments and we have the incentives to build our relationships and networks that want to combine and collaborate to solve problems and advance solutions that are going to transform business as we have known it.

Our goal is to positively impact as many lives as possible. One of the ways we are doing that is by powering purpose-driven innovation and supporting impact preneurs. We are ambitious and want to fix the world we live in and to pass onto future generations an attractive place full of opportunities.

We are pathfinders who drive the change that is powered by innovation, years of experience and kind hearts. We are building resilience through tackling the greatest societal challenges by carefully crafting a new optimistic narrative for the digital economy and Web3 space. We serve real people’s needs. We are proud of how our client products and services contribute to communities across the United States and soon around the world, too.

 We’re building The Ecosystem for impact that is at a turning point. With social challenges multiplying, yet too few solutions operating at a large scale, the world needs more highly-engaged and patient business leaders taking bold risks to build the market and more financial and non-financial resources to support and nurture social innovation. A community of impact trailblazers that we’re building has a key role to play branching out to build stronger bridges across the spectrum of tech innovation resources that are not traditionally social impact oriented and could make the difference (e.g. Web3, NFTs, DAOs, metaverse, social tokens, blockchains, crypto mining, etc.) It’s time to speak with a louder and more unified voice about both the unique role a tech can play to achieve transformative and sustainable systemic change, and what is needed to unlock more resources. We simply know how to do it. Now is the time.

Meanwhile, we’re proud to start introducing you to our Ecosystem and clients

A platform to launch impact-driven social tokens. Together with the SocialStack team, we are pioneering the model for Impact DAOs and have solved key DAO adoption challenges with its first DApp, CommunityOS. They co-created CommunityOS together with 10 highly curated social tokens that have collectively gained a market cap of $6 million and growing. SocialStack is the social token platform that “gives a damn”. The platform enables community leaders and members to easily co-create value while accomplishing impact missions. We help SocialStack to drive cultural change through Web3 and tell their impact story about how to create and support thousands of impact-driven currencies that catalyze grassroots solutions to solve society’s biggest challenges.

Redivider is founded on the belief that a data center is more than just power. We help them build a future where humanity is embracing the opportunities to give people the privilege to unlock their potential. Today, Redivider’s focus is on enabling communities to benefit from the power of sustainable human-centered innovation: They deliver the promise of the digital world to your neighborhoods. With RampRate team’s advisory assistance, they do it all through the latest technology of re-engineering every building block of data center and telecom infrastructure, and exemplifying new standards for innovation and impact. Redivider’s impact story is about uplifting humanity through decentralized innovation and community impact by re-imagining compute, telecom and bitcoin creation.

Reputation economy to rebuild communities at work and play. Menagerie’s impact story roots in the belief that humans are fundamentally social animals – they find fulfillment in contributing to something bigger than themselves, in being recognized for that contribution, in having a sense of justice and karma. But both at work and at home, they’ve lost that sense of belonging. Families are smaller, community organizations are less prominent, churches are poorly attended and increasingly political. And at work, the sense of community that was seen in the past is dying as well. There’s no life-long job security and as people hop jobs, more decisions in large corporations are made based on politics, PR, and short-term thinking than the true common good. Together with Menagerie, we’re built digital replacements for these old communities, but many of them are fundamentally flawed. The wisest voices are drowned out by the loudest ones, as social media amplifies outrage and division and milks us for clicks & personal info to be resold without our consent. The gig economy is liberating and alienating at the same time, as loyalty to a team or idea seems a quaint remnant of the past.

Metatopia Network is connecting the world together through the metaverse. They’re crafting an impact story about how we could build a world that allows each of us to express our best selves through the arts, music, gaming, and playing.

The purpose-driven economy has been here already. And its leaders, in one way or another, will be powered by Syzygy Impact, powered by RampRate. Are you with us?

What’s Your Impact Story? Let’s Talk!

Impact Advisory | Scope of Services

“Powerfully Irresistible”

We help craft data-driven evidence-based Impact Strategy & Storytelling in the world of tech innovation. Inshort, what we do helps others do well and do good in the most compelling way.

  • Strategic Impact Planning & Program Design

If you don’t know where you’re going, why, and how, you probably won’t get there – our strategic impact planning and program design services help clients maintain clarity and focus in achieving results even as conditions change.

         ✓ Impact Strategy Planning                         ✓ Mission, Vision & Values

         ✓ Need and Context Assessment               ✓ Sector Research & Benchmarking

         ✓ Stakeholder Analysis & Coordination       ✓ Results Framework & Theory of Change

         ✓ Scenario Planning & Purpose Alignment ✓ Measurement Framework Development

         ✓ Corporate Social Responsibility               ✓ ESG Framework

In the complex environments in which innovative businesses operate, effective strategic planning and agile program design are essential to create impact and value for communities. We help buidling top-notch impact strategies that identify desired outcomes, making the best choices based on clear, defensible criteria, while our planning approach provides orderliness and discipline to put strategy and design into action for the most sustainable outcomes.

  • Organizational & Workforce Development (through the lens of Social Impact)

Every business now should be designed to fulfill a purpose and create value. We could help generate higher levels of performance by harnessing human potential and strengtheing business operational capabilities.

         ✓ Management Consulting & Advisory Services   ✓ Talent Attraction Planning

         ✓ Thought Leadership Development                     ✓ Collaborative Work Culture

         ✓ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion                               ✓ Ecosystem Growth

Organizational and workforce development involves the complex art and science of diagnosing, aligning, and improving business capabilities through strategy, leadership, human capital, culture, and systems, and then institutionalizing change processes for higher performance. We address complex issues through effective solutions that are rooted in data, respect, and shared ownership. We partner with clients for results, offering business process mapping, stakeholder consultation, scenario-based planning, and tailored needs assessments. We also specialize in behavior change, using metrics and learning-driven data to shape small and large organizational efforts by tapping into leadership and change agents and supporting them in making change “stick.”

  • Impact Reporting & Monitoring

We offer expertise and innovative performance and context monitoring/reporting services to help clients collect and use the evidence they need to showcase their impact.

             ✓ Monitoring Framework                       ✓ Project/Activity Monitoring

             ✓ Impact Reporting                                 ✓ Dashboard Development

                                                                             (including via third party services)

           ✓ Impact Measurement Framework       ✓ Human-centered Metrics & KPIs

Monitoring and reporting provides structured, routine data to inform implementation and adapt development interventions for increased effectiveness. This regular tracking and examination of implementation, results, and environmental changes provides rapid feedback that funders and investors (as well as other stakeholders, including communities that are benefiting from your social impact initiatives) need to assess progress and refine their strategies and programming.

  • Fit for Purpose Evaluation

We provide a range of evaluation solutions to optimize design and methods based on the evaluation question that needs to be answered and within the available resources pool

       ✓ Impact Evaluation & Measurement                       ✓ Data Collection Strategy

       ✓ Performance Assessment                                     ✓ Developmental Evaluation

       ✓ Meta Evaluation                                                  ✓ Ex-Post Evaluation

Building structured evaluation mechanisms into your social impact strategy sends your stakeholders the message that you are interested in and have incorporated what they have to say and offers a transparent process for them to acknowledge the realized impact values. Evaluation can also be used to illuminate unexpected outcomes and at times, challenge some of the basic assumptions about a certain impact model or target population that may be made during impact strategy planning.

  • Research & Analysis

Our research and analysis services answer critical questions for clients in order to improve their brand and marketing strategy and help achieve their best potential through delivering social benefits to the people and the planet.

✓ Industry Research & Analysis   ✓ Survey Research

✓ Sector Assessments                 ✓ Social Inclusion Analysis

✓ Network Analysis & Growth       ✓ Marketing Strategy Review & Meta-Analysis