Optimize & Re-Negotiate Contracts

Optimize & re-negotiate contracts

Optimize & Re-Negotiate Contracts – 100% job satisfaction in IT is rare – each day brings new headaches. At best you get the usual suspects: excessive demands from business that recall the old Queen song, ornery suppliers, understaffed teams, budget cuts, etc. At worst you have delayed deployments, outages, failed upgrades, and contentious internal politics. … Continued

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Mini Episode

May 3, 2016 – Original article  MINI-EPISODE –  HOW TO THINK WHEN $100M’S ARE ON THE LINE | TONY GREENBERG CEO OF RAMPRATE We’re trying something a little different this week. In addition to our normal, full-length interview we’re doing a mini-episode with highlights of our favourite moments of interviews. So if you want the … Continued

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