Key Cloud Migration Decisions

cloud computing

Key Cloud Migration Decisions Most legacy applications have implicit assumptions about operating systems, hardware, geography, latency, throughput, scalability, governance, access rights, monitoring and other aspects that must be carefully addressed before deploying to the public cloud. by Alex Veytsel, Steve Lerner and Tony Greenberg as published by Microsoft TechNet  When faced with the many opportunities … Continued

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CDN Pricing at Penny A Gig

Google as CDN

CDN Pricing Content Delivery Network (CDN) industry watchers recently reported seeing pricing of $.01 per GB of data transferred.  What does this mean? Let’s translate into plain language.  A DVD holds about 4GB (Gigabytes) of data. So you can imagine a DVD with a very long movie, all kinds of extra scenes and goodies, would be require … Continued

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The Digital Music Forum

The Digital Music Forum Thanks to Marty Lafferty and the Distributed Computing Industry Association for inviting me to speak at the Digital Music Forum East last week. I spoke on a panel discussing digital music access “from the cloud” and via peer-to-peer technology. I’ve been involved with digital music for a very long time. I began with … Continued

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