Google Wrecks the CDN Market

Google as CDN

Google Wrecks the CDN Market Last week Google formally launched its Page Speed Service, the latest in a long line of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services from dozens of suppliers from big and small to hit the market over the last 15 years. In the case of Google though, I see a few novel changes … Continued

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A Cynic Predicts IT and Media in 2011

A Cynic Predicts

A Cynic Predicts IT and Media in 2011 (Prove me wrong or shut the heck up.) As pondered by Tony Greenberg and Alex Veytsel 1. Everything that’s old will be new again. Last year brought us the return of 3D from the 1950s, cloud (a.k.a. the new and improved mainframe), thin client (the dumb terminals … Continued

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buggy whip business

Buggy Whip Business Who’s in the buggy whip business in technology these days? By that, I mean, what companies are about to become obsolete thanks to major shifts in media delivery and consumption caused by the rise, the serious rise, of streaming? More than a dozen years after the launch of the Streaming Media conference, … Continued

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