vendor negotiation

Migrating Applications to the Cloud You want to migrate legacy applications to the cloud, right? To meet the needs of your enterprise, it’s become an imperative. It might sound simple, but you’ve discovered it’s not. Let’s take a look at the keys you need to consider before you pull the trigger.   If only application … Continued

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Data Center supplier Playbook

Data Center Checklist Force Majeure (less secularly known as “Act of God”) clauses are standard contract language and should be included in your data center checklist. Having your data center wiped out by a meteor strike means you’re not getting service credits and there’s not much you can do about it (there are concessions that can … Continued

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IT Outsourcing Risk – Consequential Damages

IT Sourcing

IT Outsourcing Risk In fairness to sellers of IT services, large buyers are not averse to a few power plays of their own and sometimes steamroll smaller or independent providers with onerous contract clauses. One of the most costly (if rare) provisions in relationships where the balance is tipped to the buyer is consequential damages … Continued

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