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Consultant / Broker

Consultant / Broker

RampRate is the premier specialist for data and expertise on the IT infrastructure outsourcing market.

Your clients look to you as an expert, and as the center of a network of contacts needed to get a complex job done.

With RampRate, you have the world’s most complete market database — the SPY Index™ — at your disposal to prove your expertise or build the right foundation for bigger and better projects. The SPY Index™ is chock full of data covering pricing, contract terms, service levels and suppliers capabilities for data centers, networks, cloud services, and IT support staffing around the world.

It’s a definitive view of the best (and sometimes worst) contracts and an invaluable aid when it comes to demonstrating to your clients that you’ve guided them to the best possible outcome.

Where do I find a great delivery partner to white-label?

Shhhhhhhh.  You’ve found them. Many of RampRate’s most successful projects were performed for end-clients that have never heard of RampRate  We don’t necessarily want to be famous; we want to revolutionize sourcing through data.  You can take all the credit you want.

How do I stay relevant in highly technical discussions?

It’s tough to sell square feet of office space all your life and now have to talk about kilowatts or PUE ratios for data centers.

And being a top expert in IT transformation doesn’t mean that you know how much latency or jitter is needed for each of your client’s apps. But when you’re not quick with their jargon, half the room tunes out. So when you need that extra edge to get to a technical audience, bring RampRate along. RampRate is more that a database and a methodology.

Our staff is composed of industry-recognized experts in our practice areas: Data Center, Cloud, Network Services/Telecom, CDN, and Managed Services. When you engage RampRate with your client, whether as a direct partner or a “backroom” service hidden from the end-client, you’re getting access to an array of powerful technical experts who are focused on the search for sourcing perfection.

Can I save my clients enough to pay for my next project?

Even if you’re not a candidate for direct referral fees from RampRate, you may be able to fund a very profitable relationship with your client solely from the amount your client saves after a RampRate engagement.

Here’s the story:  RampRate works on deals with a minimum of $1M in annual spend in a particular practice area (data center, telecom, CDN, managed services, cloud, etc.).  ON AVERAGE – not best case – we save 20% across the board on spending.

Since our average deal is typically 10-50 times our minimum, your client can realistically expect to see between $200,000 to $10M in savings.

Those savings often go to new research projects, advisory fees, and other services that were previously under-funded. And, yes, these results are typical.

Can I stay objective but get paid for referrals?

Your firm may have a partner in each market that is willing to pay you a referral fee for bringing them a data center or CDN deal, but deep down you know that it may not be the right solution and will not increase your credibility with the client.

They may not even pick your partner, or may terminate a contract early, leaving you with a mess you never bargained for. RampRate, on the other hand, partners with everybody (400+ suppliers), and has proven its objectivity to more than 100 clients.

With uniform referral fees and client-driven decision making processes, its methodology is unbiased and failure rate negligible.

How do I move past IT procurement roadblocks?

Of course, every business is somewhat different, but there’s a constant:

Companies are frozen by doubt and incomplete or missing data.  Nothing motivates a decision like hard, comcrete information. That’s our business. We power a decision by supplying incontrovertible facts.

RampRate’s SPY Index, along with our expert resources and methodology shine a light where none has existed before, leading to confidence and participation by all stakeholders in a deal.

How do I help my client select the right suppliers?

RampRate has over a decade of experience supplying data and decision support to large businesses around the world.

Our methodology is based on thousands of transactions conducted on behalf of our clients ranging from determining the best tax climate for a data center in Asia, to current rates for DS-3 private circuits in Des Moines.

And across thousands of deals, less than 1% were terminated prematurely — compared to the 30%+ failure rate industry-wide. RampRate will work with you as a referral, or behind the scenes – either way you’re guiding your client to a best-case solution and adding to your prestige.

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