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Content delivery is a race to zero – no matter how big a discount you got last week, someone else is probably finding a better deal today.

CDN Optimization

RampRate offers you deep expertise in Content Delivery Network (CDN) and media technology. In fact, we consult with leading CDN providers, so we know their costs and are better equipped to advise you on which suppliers are the best fit.

But there’s good news:

The 800-pound gorilla’s grip on the premium end of the market is loosening – there’s a real competitive market no matter what type of content you have.

RampRate will help you find the right answers

SPY Index™ Design
to ensure that CDN is still the right solution

SPY Index™ Forecast
to avoid surprises in billing

DATE Sourcing
to ensure that all the new challengers are invited

SPY Index™ Data
to make sure you’re getting tomorrow’s price, not last year’s price

RampRate‘s deep expertise in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) and media technology has contributed to the success of industry leaders in publishing, gaming and entertainment. RampRate not only works with end users but has consulted to more than a dozen CDN providers over the last several years. We know their costs and more important, what clients are best fit.

The way we see it, signed contracts are fluid, negotiable and changeable. We can compare your current contract or future needs with market norms for service-level agreements, terms, and prices. The dashboard and risk samples provided to you with our confidential no-cost CDN pricing benchmark arm you with the knowledge you need to manage your costs, risks, and performance.

Simply, we chunk down 3 months of bills, your master services agreement and will then propose a strategy for cost reduction and agility. It’s free to start, so request a consultation here.

We can optimize


It’s time to rethink the role of CDN in the big picture: Can a couple of strategically placed data centers and bandwidth/peering do the same job? Can a cloud solution supplant both your origin data center and CDN?

  • Caching
  • Whole-Site Delivery
  • Edge & Distributed


  • Digital Rights Management
  • Hashing Methods


  • On-Demand/Live Encoding
  • Streaming Apps
  • Slides, Q & A


  • Software, Patches, Updates
  • Video, Music, Games
  • CD & DVD Images


  • Software, Patches, Updates
  • Video, Music, Games
  • CD & DVD Images