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Davos 2022 – World Economic Forum. Here we come!


Hello Family!!!


Tony Greenberg and Wulf Kaal are hitting the road and heading to Davos for the World Economic Forum May 22-26. Tim Lewis and Dustin Boyer are staying with us


We are coming to primarily support DevXDao, Casper, and  talk about a new and powerful endeavor:  Menagerie, which supports both and other amazing projects. This is a list to my current portfolio.


Menagerie provides a fun,  easy-to-use, intuitive design for community building in Web3. For clubs, corporations, DAOs, nonprofits, and more. Heavyweight decentralized governance engine and guidance. We are partnered with Eric Pulier and Vatom Labs. 


Menagerie is a community-building platform that allows clients to clone the governance design of the Menagerie platform for their online communities in minutes through five identifiable governance setups.


Communities can organize around

  • 1. Ideas
  • 2. Work
  • 3. Governance
  • 4. Sponsors
  • 5. Testing


Menagerie provides a governance cloning/forking engine for community creation with key payment rails and easy-to-use dashboards where Menagerie users can see all their community engagements in one place and see where they need to act in a given Menagerie community.


Our Schedule:


We’ll be in Zug all day on Friday May 20th. Then it’s off to Davos. We’ll be staying in nearby Klosters from May 21st to May 25th. We’ll be speaking at events listed below. Our schedule is constantly changing, so if you are in town, let us know and let’s drop in. 


EmTech Hub – IEEE Panel on Blockchain for Achieving Sustainability Goals

Wulf Kaal Moderating

Location: Promenade 63, 7270 Davos Plat

May 22, 2022 (Sunday) @ 16:00 -18:00 (45  mins)


Lan Space Panel: Transferring Governance to DAOs

Wulf Kaal Moderating

Location: Promenade 40 7270 Davos Platz 

May 23, 2022 (Monday) @ 1 pm – 2 pm (45  mins)


How to scale network communities

Tony Greenberg – Panelist

Location: Promenade 40 7270 Davos Platz 

May 23, 2022 (Monday) @ 2 pm – 2 pm (45  mins)


Altru Institute: Keynote Presentation: Menagerie’s Contributions to Blockchain for Impact 

Location: Promenade [____] 7270 Davos Platz 

May 24, 2022 – (Tuesday) @ 10:30  – 11:30 am (45  mins)


Altru Insitute Keynote Presentation: Menagerie’s Contributions to Education Reform  

Location: Promenade [____] 7270 Davos Platz 

May 24, 2022 ) (Tuesday) @ 11:30  – 12:30 am (45  mins)


Polkadot Event

Tuesday night 


Crypto House – Content May 23-24. DAO panels  

Location: Promenade 64 7270 Davos Platz

May 23-25, 2022  @ Different time slots 


Presentation and Panel – “Decentralizing Psychedelic Medicine Presentation and Afterparty” 

Location: Platzhirsch Club Davos, Promenade 63, 7270 Davos, 

: May 24, 2022 (Tuesday) @ 4:30 pm and Different time slots 


Blockchain Hub – Davos 2022 

Location: Promenade 69, 7270 Davos, 

May 25, 2022 (Wednesday) @ 7:30 pm and Different time slots 


Other worthwhile events you may want to check out at WEF 22:


The Future of Cities in Davos – Finnish Flow


The Equality Lounge @ Davos


The Future of Stablecoins with Shifting Regulations

Location: The ICEHouse | Hub Culture Davos Pavillion Promenade 73 7270 Davos Platz for tickets
Wednesday May 25, 2022 @11:00am-12:00pm
Cocktails: 5:30pm – 7:00pm

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