How can hosting, colocation and cloud managed services providers position themselves to best enable digital enterprise transformation? DCD As-a-Service 6 Questions 1.  For a while the idea of a hosting provider as a strategic partner seemed dead. Differentiated providers in co-lo had trouble retaining their margins, half the cloud market indexed Amazon’s rates, and the … Continued

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Infrastructure Optimization

An ITBM Primer Infrastructure Optimization According to ITBM leader Apptio: “Modern IT leaders use facts to collaborate on the tradeoffs needed to maximize business value. Cost-only conversations become a thing of the past.” Modern IT leaders: Manage CapEx/OpEx, Fixed/Variable, CtB/RtB, Direct/Indirect Manage cost and variance for Plan/Build and Run activities Manage IT internally with these … Continued

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Digital Service Efficiency

Digital Service Efficiency Though it’s well understood you can’t manage what you don’t measure, the vast majority of enterprises don’t track the energy efficiency of their IT operations. Firms spend tens of millions of dollars on data centers and energy usage, but seldom explore meaningful ways to manage this energy spend. It gets shrugged off … Continued

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Future of IT Sourcing Negotiations

IT Sourcing

IT Sourcing By Alex Veytsel – One of the panels I most regret missing at Data Center Dynamics annual London show last week, where our CEO spoke was a discussion of the future of data centers in 10-20 years. Fortunately I got to participate in the prep session for it in the speaker’s lounge, where brilliant folks … Continued

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A Cynic Predicts IT and Media in 2011

A Cynic Predicts

A Cynic Predicts IT and Media in 2011 (Prove me wrong or shut the heck up.) As pondered by Tony Greenberg and Alex Veytsel 1. Everything that’s old will be new again. Last year brought us the return of 3D from the 1950s, cloud (a.k.a. the new and improved mainframe), thin client (the dumb terminals … Continued

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